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Our Strategic Finance Business Partnering micro-credentialed courses are based on the essential skills and knowledge required by finance professionals and finance leaders working in management accounting roles today, and into the future.

Strategic Finance Business Partnering is a suite of six micro-credentialed courses. You can choose to study all six, or any combination. You can also stack our Strategic Finance Business Partnering micro-credentials into 120 hours of study, and after successfully completing the capstone exam, you can have your achievement acknowledged with a digital certificate.

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Strategic Communication and Influence micro-credential badge

Strategic Communication and Influence

Technology and stakeholder expectations have transformed the role of professionals within management accounting roles. It has also meant that finance professionals need communication and leaderships skills to contribute to discussions, planning and to present ideas which influence the bottom line. This course provides the tools and techniques to help build a well-rounded skill set.

20 CPD hours, $220 AUD (Member price, inc GST)

Financial Leadership in a Volatile world micro-credential badge

Financial Leadership in a Volatile World

Finance professionals must provide value through data-supported insights and recommendations. In times of increased volatility and uncertainty organisations place a higher level of trust on sound financial expertise to guide decision-making. This course provides finance professionals with the practical tools and approaches needed to evaluate the changes in the macro-environment.

20 CPD hours, $220 AUD (Member price, inc GST)

Value Preservation and Creation Micro-credentials badge

Value Preservation and Creation

This course focuses on how organisations create and preserve value. It explains how various stakeholders define and measure value, can optimise their costs and drive efficiencies in supply chains and pricing strategies during times of increased uncertainty. This course will also look at how changing stakeholder expectations require a deepened focus on sustainability concerns.

20 CPD hours, $220 AUD (Member price, inc GST)

Strategic Cash Flow Management Micro-credentials badge

Strategic Cash Flow Management

During times of uncertainty disruptions to supply chains and customer behaviour place pressure on business operations. This course gives guidance to get through times of crisis or change, as well as provides a strategic understanding of cash flows and how to make sustainable improvements to the cash position. It also provides strategies and processes aimed at maximising cash flow.

20 CPD hours, $220 AUD (Member price, inc GST)

Data Analytics Micro-credentials badge

Data Analytics

Discover how data analytics can support organisational goals. Explore the knowledge you'll need to identify how and when to use big data. And learn all about the tools that finance professionals need to develop models and data strategies.

20 CPD hours, $220 AUD (Member price, inc GST)

Data Interpretation and Visualisation Micro-credentials badge

Data Interpretation and Visualisation

Learn the essential skills that finance professionals need to demystify complex datasets, and discover how to effectively visualise and communicate your interpretation of them. Throughout this course, you'll learn all about the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence, data analytics and why data governance is so important.

20 CPD hours, $220 AUD (Member price, inc GST)

Strategic Finance Business Partnering Digital Certificate (Coming in 2022)

Demonstrate your mastery of the Strategic Finance Business Partnering suite by completing the capstone assessment to achieve the Strategic Finance Business Partnering Digital Certificate.

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