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Frequently asked questions

CPA Australia membership


Will I need to complete additional CPD hours as a member of CPA Australia?

No, you will not need to complete additional continuing professional development (CPD) hours. However, you will need to report your CPD hours to CPA Australia and your professional membership body to meet your 120 hour requirement over the triennium (minimum of 20 hours each year) as stipulated by the International Federation of Accountants.

If I apply for membership of the reciprocal body under the mutual recognition agreement (MRA), do I need to keep my original membership?

Yes. Maintaining dual membership is a requirement of any MRA.


Can I keep my membership if the MRA expires?

Yes. Members admitted to CPA Australia under an MRA will be able to maintain their membership even if the MRA expires. Members must maintain the membership subscription payments to both bodies.

Does the MRA confer the right to work in public practice or sign audited financial statements in countries where CPA Australia has statutory audit recognition?

No. Members wishing to sign audited financial statements, conduct public accounting services and act as a tax agent in Australia or New Zealand must obtain a public practice certificate to meet the additional requirements. If you have migrated to Australia within the last five years, you must also complete Australian specific company law and taxation law from a recognised university before you are eligible to apply for a public practice certificate. If you are in New Zealand, you must also complete specific New Zealand company law and taxation law subjects before you are eligible to apply for a public practice certificate.

When am I eligible for half-year fees?

CPA Australia accepts membership applications throughout the year. If you become a member after 31 March, you will only need to pay half the annual membership fee for that calendar year.

Can I apply for a qualifications assessment for migration at the same time as I apply for the membership?

Membership pathway agreements are not recognised for migration skills assessments, and your migration assessment outcome may advise you to complete additional study that isn’t required for membership.