Next steps after my assessment

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Migration assessment

Next steps after my assessment

Assessment validity

Unless otherwise stated on your outcome letter, your assessment is valid with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for three years.

Your application remains valid with CPA Australia for a period of two years from your original acknowledgement or "application received" date. 

My assessment result tells me that I must complete further studies. What are my options? 

You have two options: 

If you would like to complete your outstanding competency areas through CPA Program's foundation exams, you will need to submit your expression of interest via our online form. A complimentary update to your skills assessment may be available by choosing this option. Contact us for more information.

The following table displays the nine competency areas against CPA Australia's foundation exams:

Competency requirements  Foundation exams 
Economics, Quantitative Methods  Economics and Markets
Accounting Systems and Processes
Foundations of Accounting 
Business Law
(comprised of Commercial Law and Corporations Law)
Fundamentals of Business Law
Finance and Financial Management
Business Finance
Financial Accounting and Reporting
(comprised of Financial Accounting and Accounting Theory)
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Management Accounting 
Management Accounting
Not Applicable 
Taxation Law
Not Applicable  

Updating, appealing or changing your ANZSCO code

Several options are available for applicants who have received an assessment outcome. Our Supplementary Services Application Form (PDF) can be used to do the following:

  • Update your assessment – If you have completed additional study or another English test and would like us to consider it, you can apply for an update to your assessment. Updates are available for a fee if they are requested within a two-year period after your acknowledgement or "application received" date
  • Review your assessment – If you have obtained a skills assessment from CPA Australia and wish to request an appeal or formal review of the assessment outcome
  • Changing ANZSCO codes – If you wish to have your skills assessed under a different ANZSCO code to which you initially applied, you may apply using this form

Please note: The Supplementary Services application form must be posted by mail as we do not accept PDF application forms via email.

Contacting Department of Immigration and Border Protection

CPA Australia is unable to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) on your behalf or offer you advice in relation to your visa application.  Contact DIBP directly if you require assistance.