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Networks, support, opportunities and success are all things our members have in common. Whether they’re part way through studying for the CPA Program, or leading an international team, our members will give you valuable insights into how CPA Australia and the CPA designation has helped them succeed.

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What our Australian Members have to say

The CPA Program is recognised internationally, meaning you’ll be well equipped to tackle any accounting, finance or business challenges in today’s global marketplace. With a focus on more than just technical accounting, go beyond the numbers and master the skills you need to reach the next level in leadership, strategy and business.

If you're looking to build an exciting career that could take you across the globe in a diverse range of roles, the CPA Program is for you. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more or require support with your membership application.

Hear directly from our members Nipuna Welmillage CPA, Omar Benmansour ASA and Aalia Narula CPA on how the CPA Program has supported their careers.


Hear from our members across the globe on the value they have gained from studying the CPA Program.

Allan Koh

Allen Koh, CPA

— Singapore

“I was looking for a program that would provide extensive global career and networking opportunities with industry partners.”

Tushar Gupta

Tushar Gupta, CPA

— India

“I’d highly recommend CPA Australia’s educational and networking events that happen across the world to all accounting and finance professionals.”

Mabel Alvarez

Mabel Alvarez, ASA

— Philippines

“Completing the program will give me pride and the confidence to back my competence, which translates to better career and work opportunities.”

Hear how the CPA Program has boosted the career of Associate member Sylvia Lum and provided security and support within a changing world.

“As a working professional it’s important to know the various accounting concepts, but above it all it is also important to be able to apply it to the wider business context, and the CPA curriculum enables me to do just so.”

Sylvia Lum, ASA, Singapore


CPA Australia’s Future Thinkers series tells the remarkable stories of members shifting the dial in business, the community and society.

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Global Media Coverage


Through our CNN partnership, discover how members across the globe have equipped themselves with skills to succeed in their careers.

Mandar Dixit CPA

Preparing the way

Strategist Mandar Dixit CPA, is making sure he is equipped to succeed in this era of disruption.

Mainland China
Wandy Chan FCPA

Evolving with the times

With the globalization of big data set to revolutionize her role, Director Wandy Chan FCPA, is prepared for change.

Hong Kong
Anthony Lau FCPA

Pioneering the future

With AI set to change the face of taxation, Anthony Lau FCPA, International Tax Partner sees accountants as the pioneers of the future.


Earning her stripes

What does it take to soar in your chosen field? Pushing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to the next level, says Nishalini Rajasekar CPA.


Reaching the next level

In today’s complex business environment, accountant Karthik Bhanu CPA has found a way to be at the frontier of his profession.

Glenn Lim

Staying ahead of the game

In the face of competition from new technology, accountant Glenn Lim ASA is setting a strong example on reinventing what the future holds for his career.


Anthony Lau FCPA, is responsible for providing clients with tax advice on mergers, acquisitions, group restructuring and international transactions – across Hong Kong, China and other Asia Pacific markets. Watch this video to find out more about his exciting career.

“As accountants, we should aim to be pioneers, steering marketing developments, rather than sticking to old paths and getting carried away by the tide. To remain competitive, we’ll have to invent and commercialise IT and AI in our businesses.”

Anthony Lau, FCPA, Hong Kong


With a global membership of more than 166,666 members working in 100 countries around the world, our members accomplishing great things within their respective fields. Read more member success stories and find out how the CPA designation could future proof your career.

Career development

A gateway to career development

In an era of rapid and ongoing change, professionals in the accounting and finance field require unique opportunities to accelerate their career growth.

Professional network to CPA Program

Professional accreditation an antidote to Covid-19 job market

Mr Allen Koh, Ms Sharon Peh and Mr Gopul Shah sharpened their skill set and benefited from a wider professional network thanks to the CPA Program.

World standard accounting

World-standard accounting: Unlocking your financial potential

Rosciel Cleia Ragas – a young Filipino undertook the CPA Program via a Member Pathway Agreement between the Professional Regulatory BOA, PICPA, and CPA Australia.

Becoming a CPA

Enhancing your professional reputation

Your education and work experience play a big role in your career growth, having the right professional qualification helps you to stay one step ahead of the game.


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