Supporting the New Colombo Plan

CPA Australia has been a consistent supporter of the New Colombo Plan (NCP) from its planning phase through to its inception.

The NCP is a partnership between government, universities and the private-sector to provide a new generation of Australians with direct experience living, studying and undertaking work placements in the Indo-Pacific.

Rob Thomason, our Executive General Manager – Education, was recently appointed by the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs as a Business Ambassador for the NCP.

The Australian Government is encouraging businesses to consider participating in the NCP by offering internships and mentorships in the Indo-Pacific region to Australian undergraduates. Businesses can offer professional experience in a great range of fields, including accounting, law, communications, design, human resources, and marketing, as well as in humanitarian, medical, engineering and technical roles.

CPA Australia is actively encouraging more accounting students to apply for NCP Scholarships.

We are confident that NCP graduates will help you build a team capable of operating in the Indo-Pacific and that this will assist your organisation to:

  • identify and enter new markets
  • better manage culturally diverse teams
  • achieve outcomes in foreign business environments 
By offering internships to NCP scholarship holders, your organisation will benefit by:
  • harnessing the skills of talented young Australians
  • accessing undergraduates who may be valuable future employees, volunteers and supporters
  • building awareness of your organisation’s objectives and challenges
  • joining the future of Australia’s engagement with our neighbours in the Indo-Pacific
Organisations can register interest on the NCP Internship and Mentorship website or by emailing [email protected]

High quality accounting education is an important input into successful businesses and communities. We take an active interest in education policy issues and engaging with academia, as well as enhancing the capacity and capability of the profession.

Leadership and advocacy – our policy positions

We support accounting education through our advocacy work, ensuring the voice of the profession is heard at the highest levels by maintaining effective relationships with governments and bureaucracies in all markets. We also regularly champion policy positions on matters of concern to members, academics and the accounting profession, always taking into account the public interest. 
Integrated reporting and sustainability reporting

We continue to help influence positive developments in the area of integrated reporting and sustainability reporting.

Asia Pacific small business survey

Beginning in 2009, our Annual Asia Pacific Small Business Survey is part of a longitudinal study tracking small business confidence throughout the Asia Pacific region. It’s an excellent tool for governments and industry to compare the experiences of small business across six international markets, and ensure that we have the right settings to enhance efficiency, maximise investment and stimulate this vital sector of the economy.

Influencing the development of tax policy

We continually advocate for a range of tax reforms. This has included modernising the taxation of trusts, and the maintenance of self-education deductions to ensure Australia has a highly skilled workforce that can compete in the Asian Century.

Australia's Competitiveness

A priority area of public policy for CPA Australia continues to be the shift in the centre of global economic gravity back to the Asia-Pacific region, and the ability of countries in this region to compete in the Asian Century. Australia’s Competitiveness: From Lucky Country to Competitive Country, is the most comprehensive study Australia has seen on its international competitiveness to date.

It involved surveying more than 6000 decision makers in both Australia and overseas, and analysing 76 key attributes of the Australian economy and industry. Commissioned by CPA Australia, the book is co-authored by Professor Michael Enright and Professor Richard Petty FCPA.

We will maintain our highly visible advocacy to ensure decision makers in business; politics and the community capitalise on this major research, as well as use the findings to confront the challenges of creating a competitive country capable of generating the high paying jobs of the future.

Have your say

CPA Australia aims to have an effective voice of influence in priority education policy debates. We are interested in academics’ experiences and perspectives.

For further information email [email protected]