Researchers agree to obtain prior approval to publish or disclose from CPA Australia before submitting any manuscript relating to the research project for publication or public disclosure.

CPA Australia will not withhold such approval unless it reasonably believes that such publication or disclosure would harm, prejudice or in any other way injure its interests.

CPA Australia retains the sole right to determine whether to sponsor publication of the research project in any form via CPA Australia media channels (online or hard copy formats).

Neither party will have editorial rights over the content of work that the other party wishes to publish in relation to the research project.

Each party agrees to acknowledge the other's contribution in any publication or public disclosure made in respect of the research project.


Research proposal applications close on 31 July each year.

All stage one applications received will be formally acknowledged and will be reviewed, assessed and researchers advised if further details are required, as per the two stage application process.

Decisions at each stage are made on the basis of the information submitted.