Step 1. Complete the application form

Step 2. Email application form


Additional advice

Project name

The name should be brief, engaging and clearly reflect what the project is about. Use a maximum of twenty words, so that the title can be understood by an intelligent professional who is not a subject matter expert.

Funds requested

Applications may be made for any amount. Funds requested must be sufficient to complete the project. The figure should be inclusive of GST, salary on-costs and university overheads, and be expressed in Australian dollars. CPA Australia will not provide funding above the amount requested.

Overview of the research

The overview is intended to allow applicants to justify the relevance and importance of the proposed project as an area of study to CPA Australia, its members and to the relevant discipline. The overview is to provide a snapshot of the proposed project which is intelligible to an intelligent professional who is not a subject matter expert. Technical terms and phrases should be explained within the text.

We are seeking bold and innovative projects that have merit and potential. Partnerships between academe and business are encouraged.

Submitting research proposals

Ensure the following mandatory information is included:

  1. A brief and descriptive project title.
  2. Project overview. Applicants need to identify the relevance of their proposed research to CPA Australia. The overview must be clearly and simply written and understandable to the general CPA Australia membership so that we can inform them about the project if your application is successful.
  3. Existing literature relevant to the project. We will be funding new research, not literature reviews.
  4. Project duration must be realistic and achievable. Project commencement date will be adjusted where contract approval has exceeded proposed start date. Project progress will be monitored by CPA Australia. Feedback on progress will be provided to the chief researcher and Head of School.
  5. If access to member database is required: CPA Australia does not undertake to provide researchers with access to members to participate in research projects. In special circumstances, consideration may be given where researchers apply for dispensation. The data requested must be clearly specified in your Application.
  6. Ethical conduct: CPA Australia is committed to fostering the highest ethical standards in research. Research funded by CPA Australia must comply with the Australian code for the responsible conduct of research.
  7. Acknowledgement of CPA Australia funding and contribution to the research must be made in all external publications and presentations.  
  8. CPA Australia contract: a standard contract will be used for all research projects. The clauses have been drafted and agreed by the CPA Australia legal business unit and executives. It is not CPA Australia policy to amend this contract for individual institution or company policies. The standard contract will be issued to successful applicants.
  9. Other funders: Details of other organisations that have been approached for funding relating to the research application must be included in the stage two application.
  10. The funding amount requested must be expressed in Australian dollars.

Review process

All short form applications received by CPA Australia will undergo fair and appropriate consideration. CPA Australia has the right to make recommendations solely on the basis of its expertise and requirements.

CPA Australia reserves the right not to fund projects. The decision to fund resides exclusively with CPA Australia management, whose decision is final.