1. Complete the Stage One Expression of Interest application form (PDF)

  2. Email the completed EOI to
  3. The deadline for GRPP Expressions of Interest applications is 31 July annually. Applicants will be informed of outcomes within six weeks of the submission deadline.

  4. Complete the stage two application form (by invitation)
  5. Successful EOI applicants will be invited to submit a more detailed Stage Two application, which includes a full budget, proposed milestones and deliverables, and a completed contractual compliance form. Stage Two application materials will be distributed at the time of notification of Stage One outcomes.


All GRPP applications received by CPA Australia will undergo fair and appropriate consideration by a review panel composed of both accounting, finance and education professionals and subject matter experts. CPA Australia has the right to make grant funding decisions solely on the basis of its needs, expertise and requirements.

The review panel utilises the following criteria when assessing research projects and making recommendations for funding:

  • relevance to CPA Australia, its members, the profession and the public interest
  • timeliness, significance, and potential impact of the proposed research
  • alignment with CPA Australia’s broad focus areas and hot topics
  • experience and expertise of researchers
  • likelihood that the project can be completed within the funding timeframe (normally no more than one year and at a maximum 18 months).

CPA Australia reserves the right not to fund projects. The decision to fund resides exclusively with CPA Australia management, whose decision is final.


Only complete applications will be considered. Incomplete applications and those of a quality deemed to be significantly below acceptable standards will be returned unassessed.

CPA Australia reserves the right not to fund projects. The decision to fund or not resides exclusively with CPA Australia management, whose decision is final.

Please ensure that the following application requirements are met:

  1. A brief descriptive and engaging project title. Ensure that the title can be understood by an intelligent professional who is not a subject matter expert.
  2. The funding amount requested must be expressed in Australian dollars and include any relevant taxes. For example, Australian GST.
  3. The GRPP has no specific funding cap for research projects. Indicative Stage Two applications in past rounds have had proposed budget amounts generally ranging from $5000 to $60,000.
  4. All researchers involved in the project should have the experience and expertise required to successfully carry out the proposed research. While GRPP grants are open to researchers at all stages of their professional careers, the review panel does consider track record in its deliberations. For the purposes of the GRPP, track record considerations include the successful delivery of contract research projects and outputs outside of traditional academic publishing.
  5. Project overview. Applicants need to identify the relevance of their proposed research to CPA Australia, its members, the profession or the public interest. The overview must be clearly and simply written and understandable to a review panel made up of both subject matter experts and accounting, finance and education professionals.
  6. Project timeframes must be realistic and achievable. Grant periods typically last one year although, in special circumstances, CPA Australia may agree to an extended grant period of up to a maximum of 18 months. The project commencement date will be adjusted where contract approval has exceeded proposed start date. Project progress will be monitored by CPA Australia.
  7. GRPP grants are designed to fund new research of interest and significance to CPA Australia’s members. Funding will not normally be awarded to cover expenses related to the production of literature reviews or the development of software, digital platforms or similar ‘products’, or costs associated with the preparation or submission of research outputs to academic journals or presses.
  8. CPA Australia seeks to foster bold and innovative research that addresses pressing issues and drives innovation and the application of new knowledge for the benefit of members, the profession and the public interest. While not required, proposals which seek to address annual Hot Topics will be given priority consideration. Applications that clearly demonstrate the impact of anticipated research outcomes are also encouraged.


Funds requested

Total funds requested should include any salary on-costs, and university overheads, and be expressed in Australian dollars. Any GST should also be noted in both Stage One and Stage Two applications. CPA Australia will not provide funding above the amount requested and applicants should note that the bulk of funding will paid on receipt on the final agreed deliverable, not at the start of the grant period.

Ethics and integrity

CPA Australia is committed to fostering the highest ethical standards in research. Projects funded by CPA Australia must comply with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Successful applicants should ensure that any necessary ethics approvals can be secured in a timely manner and are in place prior to the distribution of any GRPP funds.

CPA member information

CPA Australia does not undertake to provide researchers with access to members for the purpose of participating in research projects. In special circumstances, consideration may be given where researchers apply for dispensation and provide detailed information on the data requested, how it will be used, and the mechanisms in place to ensure data security and compliance with relevant privacy legislation and policies.

Other funders

Details of other organisations that have been approached for funding or are providing funding related to the research application must be included in the Stage Two application.

CPA Australia standard contract

A standard contract will be used for all GRPP research projects. The clauses have been drafted and agreed by the CPA Australia legal business unit and approved by senior executives. It is not CPA Australia policy to amend this contract for individual institutions or company policies. To assist in assessing the level of risk associated with GRPP projects, CPA Australia will provide a contractual compliance form as part of the Stage Two application packet which must be completed by the chief researcher’s organisation, or the chief researcher where applicable.

More information

Stage one applications for the funding program close on 31 July each year.