The Global Research Perspectives Program is CPA Australia's annual research grants program, which encourages and supports research worldwide that is relevant to our membership, the profession and the global business community.

CPA Australia will consider bold and innovative projects that have merit and potential. CPA Australia supports the dissemination of high quality and innovative research to influence governments, regulators and standards, and inform our members.

New research grants are available for researchers, institutions and consultancies. Partnerships between academe and business are encouraged. We welcome cross-disciplinary applications and requests for joint funding with other organisations.

Proposals for research go through a rigorous review process prior to commissioning and funding. In 2013, we introduced a two stage application process.

These short form applications will be reviewed with all applicants informed within six weeks if CPA Australia requires further details for consideration.

If you are required to submit further details, including detailed budget and milestones, we will provide you with the second longer form application.

Eligibility for funding

Applicants may hold a grant concurrently with another award or grant if all funding and details of the project are disclosed to CPA Australia.

General rules for funding

  • The Global Research Perspectives Program has no specific funding cap for research projects
  • CPA Australia must receive scheduled outputs as stipulated in the signed Global Research Perspectives program funding agreement or contract
  • CPA Australia reserves the right to publish the findings from Global Research Perspectives Program
  • Any publication resulting from the research should acknowledge CPA Australia’s funding support
  • All requested information must be provided by the applicant, as explained under the application procedures, otherwise the application will not be considered by CPA Australia