Changes have been made to CPA Australia’s Global Research Perspectives Program (GRPP). Take the time to review the updated information provided to ensure your EOI conforms with the new grant funding arrangements.

The GRPP is CPA Australia's annual research grants program. Its aim is to encourage and support quality applied research worldwide that is relevant to CPA Australia, instructive of our members, the wider accounting profession, the global business community, governments, regulators, and policy setters.

CPA Australia actively seeks to foster bold and innovative applied research that addresses “big questions” and “wicked problems”, which creates knowledge, drives innovation, informs policy decisions, and is in the public interest.

In 2019 CPA Australia will fund three different categories of GRPP grants, with funding to be provided from 1 January 2020.

  1. Commissioned thought leadership research grants on specific themes
    Up to two grants per annum will be commissioned by CPA Australia with funding of up to AUD$60,000 per project. This amount includes any relevant taxes, for example, Australian GST.
  2. Priority research grants on “hot topics”
    Up to four grants per annum for funding research projects on “hot topics” identified by CPA Australia, with funding of up to AUD$40,000 per project. This amount includes any relevant taxes, for example, Australian GST.
  3. Priority research grants on “hot topics” for emerging researchers only, with supervision by a senior researcher as project mentor
    Up to four grants per annum for funding research projects undertaken by emerging researchers (only), according to the criteria for identifying “emerging academics” (see eligibility for funding), on “hot topics” identified by CPA Australia, with funding of up to AUD$15,000 per project. This amount includes any relevant taxes, for example, Australian GST.

The funding available for GRPP projects for research undertaken in 2020 is up to $300,000 in total, including any relevant taxes.

Research grants may be awarded to individual researchers as well as institutions and consultancies.

CPA Australia is particularly interested in projects which involve collaboration between academic researchers and individuals or organisations outside of the higher education research sector. We welcome interdisciplinary research opportunities which may extend to researchers outside the traditional accounting disciplines (for example, data scientists, social scientists, historians and IT specialists). That is, research partnerships between researchers in accounting and in other disciplines are of considerable appeal.

CPA Australia is also open to requests for joint funding of projects with other organisations. If you are interested in a jointly funded project, contact CPA Australia before commencing the GRPP application process.

Proposals for GRPP research grants go through a rigorous two-stage selection process prior to awarding, commissioning and funding.

Stage One involves the completion of expressions of interest (EOI) using the form provided. Projects will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • relevance to CPA Australia and its members (refer to the CPA Australia Strategy, 2018-2021) as well as the wider accounting profession, the global business community, governments, regulators, and policy setters
  • timeliness, significance, and potential impact of the proposed applied research
  • alignment with CPA Australia’s contemporary thought leadership themes or “hot topics” for 2020, depending on the category of funding being sought
  • experience and expertise of researchers
  • likelihood that the project can be completed within the funding timeframe – normally no more than one year, up to a maximum of 15 months.

Stage One applicants will be informed of review outcomes within six weeks of the submission deadline.

Stage Two begins when successful EOI applicants are invited to submit a more detailed application, which includes a full budget, proposed milestones and deliverables* and a completed contractual compliance form. Stage Two application materials will be distributed at the time of notification of Stage One outcomes. The same review criteria apply to Stage Two applications, as used in assessing EOI.

*Note that while CPA Australia recognises the importance of academic publications and conference presentations, GRPP grants are designed to support the production of applied research outcomes of significance to our membership, the wider accounting profession, the global business community and the public. The publication of research findings and their implications in the Australian Accounting Review (AAR) is encouraged.


GRPP EOI are open to individuals and organisations in any jurisdiction, dependent upon the category of funding sought, to successfully carry out the proposed research within the required timelines.

Applicants may apply for and hold GRPP funding concurrently with another award or grant if all funding and details of the other funding contracts are disclosed to CPA Australia at the time of GRPP Stage Two application.

Earlier recipients of GRPP grants would typically have successfully delivered all agreed deliverables from existing GRPP grants before applying for a new grant.

The definition of an “emerging researcher” for the purposes of a category three GRPP application means a researcher with a PhD (or equivalent qualification) and with no more than five years’ relevant experience following graduation with a PhD (or equivalent) and preferably other relevant experience up to the time of completing a doctoral qualification. Priority will also be given to emerging researchers who have published the results of prior research, such as in books, business magazines, professional journals and refereed journals.

The “senior researcher” as project mentor will be any academic employed at Level C (i.e. Senior Lecturer) and above, with a track record of publishing in A* and A journals, according to the latest Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) ranking of journals or a similarly recognised journal ranking scheme adopted in other countries or regions. The “senior researcher” acts as project mentor only and is not to be an “associate researcher” or co-researcher.

General GRPP guidelines

  • GRPP grant periods are typically no more than 12 months. In special circumstances, CPA Australia may agree to an extended grant period of up to a maximum of 15 months.
  • The GRPP has grant funding caps of either AUD$60,000, AUD$40,000 or AUD$15,000 including any relevant taxes, depending on the category of funding.
  • GRPP grants are designed to fund innovative research that is informative and of significance to CPA Australia members. Funding will not usually be allocated to cover expenses related to the production of literature reviews only or the development of software or digital platforms.
  • CPA Australia must receive scheduled deliverables as stated in the signed GRPP funding agreement or contract by the dates indicated.
  • A GRPP funded project is expected to be completed according the timelines specified within the research grant agreement. Reductions in funding may be imposed when key timelines are not met, allowing for any exceptional circumstances which impedes the progress of the project.
  • CPA Australia reserves the right to publish and otherwise disseminate the findings arising from GRPP grants.
  • Any publication resulting from GRPP funded research must acknowledge CPA Australia’s funding support.
  • Only complete applications will be considered. Incomplete applications and those of a quality deemed to be significantly below acceptable standards will be returned unassessed.
  • CPA Australia reserves the right not to fund any projects or projects up to the full amount being offered. The decision to fund or not resides exclusively with CPA Australia management, whose decision is final.


GRPP Stage One EOI applications close on 31 July each year.

All Stage One EOI received will be formally acknowledged and will be reviewed, assessed and applicants notified of outcomes within six weeks of the closing date.

Those invited to submit Stage Two applications will normally have four weeks to complete and return all application materials. Researchers will be notified of final GRPP funding decisions by the end of the year, with research grant agreements and contracts signed during January by no later than 28 February of the following year.

Decisions at each stage are made based on the information submitted and all decisions are final.

More information

Stage one applications for the funding program close on 31 July each year.

Contact: [email protected]