Standard 6: Resources and facilities

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Professional Accreditation Guidelines Australia and New Zealand


The higher education provider provides students with access to knowledge resources including learning materials.


  • Knowledge resources and learning materials should: 
    • be current;
    • be available in sufficient quantities to meet student demand;
    • meet student research activities; and
    • be accessible to students.
  • Adequate resources are required to accommodate program delivery, student population and staff needs. These resources should include, but are not limited to:
    • teaching rooms;
    • staff accommodation; and
    • access to/availability of resources including library, technology facilities, learning management system etc.


  • Details of information resources and learning materials available to students.
  • Details of how information resources are accessed by students.
  • Details of class sizes, program delivery mode, staff:student ratios.

(Physical resources such as teaching rooms, staff accommodation, library and technology will be viewed at an initial site visit required for all new higher education providers).


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