Accreditation complaints and appeals process

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International Accreditation Guidelines

Appeals process for decisions relating to the professional accreditation of accounting degree programs

The provider may appeal against a decision not to accredit an accounting degree program, or for the program only being granted provisional accreditation.

The appeal must be made in writing to [email protected] within four weeks of receiving the decision, and must state the grounds on which it is based. Grounds for appeal are limited to violations of written CPA Australia Professional Accreditation Guidelines.

Appeals will be reviewed by an appeal panel comprised of members of CPA Australia’s Academic Governance committee who have had no connection to the appellant and did not participate in the original decision/outcome.

The provider will be notified of the outcome of their appeal in writing within 90 days of the appeal lodgement date including reasons for the outcome.

The decision of the appeal panel is final.

Complaints from accredited program students or staff

If a complaint is received from a student or staff member regarding an issue that violates the professional accreditation standards such as coverage of required content or qualifications of staff involved in the delivery of an accredited program, the matter is to be referred to the Head, Education Policy at CPA Australia. Those officers will initiate investigations and determine whether the complaint is justified. If the complaint is justified appropriate action will be taken and a written response given to the person initiating the complaint within 90 days of receipt.

If a complaint is received by a student or staff member regarding an issue that violates broader higher education threshold standards such as academic governance, student admission criteria or assessment methods, the complainant is to be advised to lodge their complaint formally with the relevant body authorised to enforce the higher education standards in the provider’s country.