Standard 1 Qualification

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International Accreditation Guidelines


The accounting program qualification meets the following academic entry requirements of the CPA Program.

  • Leads to the completion of an accredited degree or post graduate award
  • Is delivered by a higher education provider registered  with the accrediting body in that country


  • Assurance that the provider is an accredited higher education provider in a specific country and has approval from the accrediting body to at least bachelor degree level throughout the period of accreditation.
  • If the accreditation status of a program is unclear, CPA Australia will assess the qualification  using the AEI-NOOSR (National Office for Overseas Skills Recognition) website.
  • Evidence of provider registration with the accrediting body and the most recent approval and reaccreditation due date.
  • A copy of all recent final reports from other accreditation bodies (if any).
  • The most recent annual report for the higher education provider.

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