The Singapore division has a number of committees that advance the interests of members through internal and external advocacy.


Mark Loo
Member Services Manager
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Banking and finance

The committee advances the interests of CPA Australia’s members within the banking and finance sector through representation and recommending relevant member services and policy issues for action. With representation from senior executives in the banking and finance industry, the focus of the committee includes:

Chair Philip Yuen FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Veronique Row FCPA
Members Chen Voon Hoe CPA (Aust.)
Vivien Koh FCPA (Aust.)
Steven Lim FCPA (Aust.)
Irving Low FCPA (Aust.)
Venkatesh Narasiah FCPA (Aust.)
Gregory Thong CPA (Aust.)

Chief Financial Officer

The objective of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Committee is to advance the interests of CPA Australia’s members within the CFO space through representation, recommending relevant member services and policy issues for action and providing strategic oversight of issues affecting CPA Australia’s members who are CFOs or those aspiring to become CFOs.

Chair Christopher Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Bill Bowman FCPA (Aust.)
Members Aldridge Keng Pheng FCPA (Aust.)
Chan Lai-Koon FCPA (Aust.)
Assoc Professor Cheng Nam Sang FCPA (Aust.)
Agatha Chin FCPA (Aust.)
Dr Chng Chee Kiong FCPA (Aust.)
Foo Fei Voon CPA (Aust.)
Alagappan Perianan FCPA (Aust.)
Tan Thiam Hee FCPA (Aust.)


The committee aims to maximise the opportunities of continual professional development for members working within the corporate sector and small and medium-sized enterprises through identifying best practice business needs, facilitating knowledge management and informing members of existing and emerging business trends and best practices.

Chair Bill Bowman FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Albert Ho FCPA (Aust.)
Members Cheung Pui Yuen FCPA (Aust.)
Assoc Professor Hooi Den Huan FCPA (Aust.)
Kok Moi Lre CPA (Aust.)
Barry Lee CPA (Aust.)
Jean Lee FCPA (Aust.)
Josephine Lee ASA
Steven Lim FCPA (Aust.)
Loh Hoon Sun FCPA (Aust.)
Venkatesh Narasiah FCPA (Aust.)
Annie Pan CPA (Aust.)
Nina Tan CPA (Aust.)
Joyce Tay CPA (Aust.)


The committee represents and engages the interest of members through CPA Australia publications and ensures that the publications are relevant and responsive to the issues and needs of our members.

Chair Dr Chew Tong Gunn FCPA (Aust.)
Members Vanessa Lim FCPA (Aust.)
Tan Kay Kheng FCPA (Aust.)
Lim Siew Khee


The role of the Joint Universities Committee is to represent the interests of member working in academia and to facilitate effective communication between local universities and CPA Australia.

Chair Associate Professor Themin Suwardy FCPA (Aust.)
Members Associate Professor Ho Yew Kee FCPA (Aust.)
Associate Professor Gary Pan FCPA (Aust.)
Associate Professor Patricia Tan FCPA (Aust.)
Dr Timothy Chan


The committee was formed with the goal of meeting professional needs of CPAs and to assist in networking among members. Since 2003, joint committee with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore, the local accounting body, has been to organise dinner talks and create a broader platform for learning and networking.

Chair Dr Chew Tong Gunn FCPA
Members Haryane Bte Mustajab CPA (Aust.)
Tan Kay Kheng FCPA (Aust.)
Alan Tang


The committee is a special interest group, which focuses on assisting members with developing their soft skill personal, team building, management and process. Its activities have become a platform for members to make new friends, and to build and maintain strong ties with fellow members.

Chair Jean Lee FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Victor Heng FCPA (Aust.)
Members Dominic Chia FCPA (Aust.)
Goh Ing Nee CPA (Aust.)
Ng Lin-Di CPA (Aust.)
Genevieve Ng CPA (Aust.)
Daryl Robert Pereira CPA (Aust.)
Silas Tan CPA (Aust.)


The committee aims to cater to the public practitioners and employees working in public accounting firms through discussion groups and workshops.

Chair Lisa Liew FCPA (Aust.)
Members Malcolm Heng CPA (Aust.)
Ramchand N Jagtiani
Ng Liew Peng FCPA (Aust.)
Tang Shuih Huei CPA (Aust.)
Tang Shiuh Ying CPA (Aust.)
Christopher Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Yee Fook Hong FCPA (Aust.)


The Public Sector Committee’s aim is to represent, advance and promote the interests of members working in the public sector.

Chair Irving Low FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Assoc Professor Joseph Wan FCPA (Aust.)
Members Miss Ch'ng Cheng Nai CPA (Aust.)
Chiang Hai Yin FCPA (Aust.)
Sng Hock Seng CPA (Aust.)
Teo Chee Khiang FCPA (Aust.)


The Young Professional Network and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee aims to provide a platform for younger CPA Australia members to engage potential new members through various networking activities. In addition, this committee will also drive CPA Australia's main CSR efforts in Singapore.

Chair Andrew Han CPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Melvin Gwee CPA (Aust.)
Adviser Steven Lim FCPA (Aust.)
Members Meena Defash CPA (Aust.)
Claire Li CPA (Aust.)
Jeanette Lui CPA (Aust.)
Diana Pang CPA (Aust.)
Wong Pei Xu CPA (Aust.)
Kenji Wong CPA (Aust.)
Donald Tong CPA (Aust.)
Yeow Ai Ling CPA (Aust.)