The Singapore division has a number of committees that advance the interests of members through internal and external advocacy.


Joyce Seah
Member Services Manager
P: +65 6671 6537
F: +65 6671 6500
E: [email protected]

Chief Financial Officer

The objective of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Committee is to advance the interests of CPA Australia’s members within the CFO space through representation, recommending relevant member services and policy issues for action and providing strategic oversight of issues affecting CPA Australia’s members who are CFOs or those aspiring to become CFOs.

Chair Koh Kah Sek FCPA (Aust.)
Members Yvonne Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Karen Cheng CPA (Aust.)
Sek Siew Choo FCPA (Aust.)
Kam Wing Chow FCPA (Aust.)
Thiam Hee Tan FCPA (Aust.)
Wee Ko Tan FCPA (Aust.)
Kum Foon Thai FCPA (Aust.)


The committee aims to provide feedback on program and CPA Congress to curate content from thought leaders leading the future of accountancy and finance.

Chair Max Loh FCPA (Aust.)
Members Anna Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Yvonne Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Pui Yuen Cheung FCPA (Aust.)
Chek Siew Choo FCPA (Aust.)
Kah Sek Koh FCPA (Aust.)
Moi Lre Koh FCPA (Aust.)
Li Li Kuan FCPA (Aust.)
Lisa Liew FCPA (Aust.)
Wei Min Lo FCPA (Aust.)
Hoon Sun Loh FCPA (Aust.)
Irving Low FCPA (Aust.)
Wee Ko Tan FCPA (Aust.)
Christopher Wong FCPA (Aust.)


The role of the Joint Universities Committee is to represent the interests of member working in academia and to facilitate effective communication between local universities and CPA Australia.

Chair Associate Professor Themin Suwardy FCPA (Aust.)
Members Associate Professor Jeanette Ng FCPA (Aust.)
Dr Timothy Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Dr Chee Kiong Chng FCPA (Aust.)
Dr Gary Pan FCPA (Aust.)


The committee was formed with the goal of meeting professional needs of CPAs and to assist in networking among members. Since 2003, joint committee with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore, the local accounting body, has been to organise dinner talks and create a broader platform for learning and networking.

Chair Dr Chew Tong Gunn FCPA (Aust.)
Members Kam Wing Chow FCPA (Aust.)
Haryane Mustajab CPA (Aust.)
Kay Kheng Tan FCPA (Aust.)


The committee is to plan and facilitate continuing professional development events that will help CPA Australia' members acquire relevant leadership and soft skills to achieve their personal aspirations, fulfil their career ambitions and develop their innate potential.

Chair Jean Lee FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Dominic Chia FCPA (Aust.)
Members Ing Nee Goh FCPA (Aust.)
Alvina Koh
Kai Ling Koh
Wilhem Lee CPA (Aust.)
Genevieve Ng CPA (Aust.)


The committee aims to cater to the public practitioners and employees working in public accounting firms through discussion groups and workshops.

Chair Wei Min Lo FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Lisa Liew FCPA (Aust.)
Members Brendan Egan FCPA (Aust.)
Malcolm Heng CPA (Aust.)
Ramchand N Jagtiani FCPA (Aust.)
Tracy Leong CPA (Aust.)
Eng Hwa Luar FCPA (Aust.)
Shuih Huei Tang CPA (Aust.)
Shiuh Ying Tang CPA (Aust.)
Christopher Wong FCPA (Aust.)


The Public Sector Committee’s aim is to represent, advance and promote the interests of members working in the public sector.

Chair Irving Low FCPA (Aust.)
Members Siow Nee Chew
Huey Min Chia-Tern FCPA (Aust.)
Yvonne Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Hai Yin Chiang FCPA (Aust.)
Fang Min Goh
Thong Goh
Hwei Chen Lim
Dennis Lui
Kwang Wei Tan FCPA (Aust.)
Don Yeo FCPA (Aust.)


The SkillsFuture Committee aims to help our Singapore Division members future-proof their careers with accounting and finance skillsets. In addition, this committee will also drive to align CPA Australia with aims of the national SkillsFuture movement for our professional development initiatives.

Chair Pang Thye Ong FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Kah Sek Koh FCPA (Aust.)
Members Professor Yew Kee Ho FCPA (Aust.)
Associate Professor Themin Suwardy FCPA (Aust.)
Huey Min Chia-Tern FCPA (Aust.)
Hai Yin Chiang FCPA (Aust.)
Seah Gek Choo FCPA (Aust.)
Andrew Han FCPA (Aust.)
Li Li Kuan FCPA (Aust.)
Jean Lee FCPA (Aust.)
Stanley Sia FCPA (Aust.)
Vincent Toong FCPA (Aust.)


The Young Professionals Network Committee aims to provide a platform for younger CPA Australia' members to engage potential new members through various networking activities.

Chair Li-Anne Ooi CPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Beverly Lim CPA (Aust.)
Adviser Andrew Han FCPA (Aust.)
Members Edwin Ang CPA (Aust.)
Angelyn Beh CPA (Aust.)
Glenn Lim ASA (Aust.)
Zhenguang Lin CPA (Aust.)
Jun Hao Tan CPA (Aust.)
Brian Wong CPA (Aust.)
Kenji Wong CPA (Aust.)
Jing Li Yim CPA (Aust.)

Note: the naming convention is first name, followed by surname.