The ACT Division has a number of committees that advance the interests of members through internal and external advocacy. They meet on a regular basis and liaise with representatives from the ACT Divisional Council.

Public Practice

Coordinates discussion groups for practitioners and contributes to the development of continuing professional development courses for CPA Australia. Committee members identify key public practice interests and issues to be addressed by CPA Australia, and are actively involved in representing CPA members at local, state and federal government level.

Chair Terry Grainger FCPA
Members Kerri Dickman FCPA
Ingrid Doyle FCPA
Elizabeth Hallett FCPA
Tarun Sharma CPA
Kylie White CPA
Sarah Xiao CPA

Public practice advisory committee charter (PDF)

Public sector and management accountants

Recommends relevant member services and policy issues for action, including the support of Chapter meetings. 

Chair Annie Ryan FCPA
Deputy Chair Calvin Robinson FCPA
Members Tim Allen FCPA
Allan Dixon FCPA
Sean Ferrari FCPA
Jyotika Gounder CPA
Emily Jasprizza CPA
Michael Jeremenko CPA
Matthew King FCPA
Gordon Lister CPA
Graeme Rochow FCPA
Warren Rushby FCPA
Glen Stroud FCPA
Public sector and management accountants committee charter (PDF)

Small to Medium Enterprises and Corporate

Provides members with regular technical sessions and networking opportunities, and contributes to the development of continuing professional development courses for CPA Australia.

Chair Linda Bennett CPA
Members Basu Banka FCPA
Michael Brown FCPA
Linda Freasier CPA
Peter Graham CPA
Andrew Larkin CPA
Gerry Lillicrap FCPA
Lauren Scott CPA
Bond Wong CPA

Small to medium enterprises and corporate committee charter (PDF)


This committee was established to advance, represent and engage the interests of CPA Australia’s women members.

Chair Emily Caning FCPA
Deputy Chair Phillipa Leggo CPA
Christina Knight CPA
Members Cha Jordanoski FCPA
Karen Williams FCPA
Melissa McClusky FCPA
Erin Adams CPA
Rachel Shanks ASA
Kerri Dickman-Selby FCPA
Iryna Rakova CPA

Young Professionals Network

This committee is the leading support network for young accounting, finance and business professionals in the ACT. It provides opportunities to develop the personal and professional skills of young members through regular networking and technical sessions.

Chair Liam Smith ASA
Sarah Xiao CPA
Deputy Chair Yulia Firestone ASA
Wilson Li CPA 
Members Mimi Huang ASA
Kevin Jacob CPA
Teddy Nam ASA
Akanksha Nangia ASA
Udhita Roy CPA
Yeow Tong CPA
Candice Zhang ASA

Young professionals committee charter (PDF)