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How to buy

How to buy

Buying professional development for a group of members and non-members

Step 1: Checkout

Once you select "checkout" your shopping cart will open displaying the courses you have selected to purchase. If you are not logged in, the price shown will always be the non-member price.

Step one

Step 2: Log in

Log in or create an account if you are a non-member buying from CPA Australia for the first time. Once you are logged in the price shown will be: 

Member price if you are a member
Non-member price if you are a non-member

You can only enrol yourself for a course at a member price if you are a member. If you are a non-member you can enrol yourself only at the non-member price.The shopping cart verifies eligibility for either member or non-member price based upon registered status. You can now choose to buy the selected course(s) for more than one person, including yourself.

Step 3: Adding a course(s) for members and/or non-members

If a course is displayed at a member price and you wish to purchase a course for a non-member you simply click "Buy for non-member price" and the purchase will be added as a separate line at the non-member price. 

If a course is displayed at a non-member price and you wish to purchase a course for a member you simply click "Buy for member price" and the purchase will be added as a separate line at the member price. 

Step two

You can remove a course for the shopping cart by clicking "Remove"

Step three

Step 4: Select the number of the courses

You can purchase for members and non-members by adjusting the numbers in "Quantity" for each type.

Step four

Step 5: Continue with the purchase process

Enrolling yourself in a course

Step 1: Ticking enrol 

Tick the "Enrol Self" box next to the Quantity listed on a line that matches your member or non-member status. An error message will be displayed at the top of the page if you have the wrong box ticked.

The box should only be ticked for the course if you are using the course yourself. 

Step 11

Step 2: Nominating yourself

If you are nominating yourself for more than one course make sure you have the "Enrol Self" box ticked per course required and that the ticked box matches your member or non-member status. 


Accessing the course

Every course purchased will be allocated an enrolment code. This enrolment code gives the registered participants access to the course.

If you have purchased the course for yourself and have ticked “Enrol Self” you will automatically be enrolled into that course. You’ll receive an email notification containing details of how to access your course once you complete your purchase.

If you have purchased the course for others you will need to email the enrolment code to them to activate. See instructions below for how to allocate enrolment codes to other people.

Step 1: Find and manage your enrolment code(s)
You must log in to see details of all your current orders and the enrolment code for each course. You’ll find these details by accessing the "My Orders" tab in the top left corner of the website, then select "Manage Orders" in the drop down menu.

The enrolment code relevant to each course purchased, the total number of people enrolled under that code and the number already used are shown in the green box below the enrolment code.

Step eight


Please note the enrolment code is the same for all those enrolled under each order number shown in the far left column of the “Manage Orders” page.

Step 2: Selecting self or email
Under the "Use Enrolment Code" box you have the option to enrol self (if you have not already done that) or email the enrolment code to other Learners by selecting "Email".

Step ten

When you select "Email" an email is automatically generated for you to send to the Learners you are allocating the enrolment code to.

Simply add details of the registered participants to be enrolled and send. The email contains a link to instructions on how to access and activate their enrolment code.