SMSF On Demand has been curated to offer highlights from the 2016 conference.


A2: Tax and estate planning

Speaker: Allan Swan, Director, Estate Planning Equation

In the division of responsibilities for advising a client on estate planning issues, anticipating the tax consequences of asset protection measures and future wealth transfer often falls to the accountant. This session focuses on many of the tax issues that are likely to rear their head, including:

  • Superannuation death benefit taxes
  • CGT and duty on transfers of real estate out of SMSFs
  • LRBAs post death of fund member
  • Second generation family trusts
  • Deceased estates – initial administration
  • Testamentary trusts.

KN3: Economic update

Speaker: Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist, HSBC

In recent times we have seen an unprecedented level of transition in global and Australian economic markets. The economy continues to perform better than most people realise. However, what does the future hold for Australia and abroad? Paul will explore the pressure points and opportunities that lie ahead for the US, Eurozone, Asian and Australian economies.

B1: “How do I deal with this?” Issues that cause mental gymnastics

Speaker: Sharlene Anderson FCPA, Director, Veritas Corp

Using actual case examples this session will explore the weird and wonderful transactions that trustees enter into. Specifically, we will look at the more grey areas of auditing SMSFs including not meeting minimum pension payments, quasi acquisition of assets from related parties and much more. Each of the questionable transactions will be assessed from the perspective of the Auditing Standards, the ATO as regulator and if applicable the legal perspective.

C1: Essential tax update

Speaker: Darren Wynen, Senior Tax Trainer, TaxBanter Pty Ltd

In this crucial post-election session, Darren will guide you through the significant tax issues and policy developments of the last 12 months with a particular emphasis on the SMSF landscape.

D2: Life after the accountants’ exemption

Speaker: Keddie Waller, Policy Advisor Financial Planning - Policy & Corporate Affairs, CPA Australia

The accountants’ exemption has now been repealed and you have chosen not to be licensed, but do you know what advice and services you can provide without being licensed? This session will provide an overview of when a licence is required, what advice and services can be provided without being licensed, plus practical examples

E2: Your guide to SMSF audit changes for 2016

Speaker: Shirley Schaefer, Partner, Superannuation, BDO

Join Shirley Schaefer for a comprehensive update covering the significant changes and issues in SMSF audit for 2016. Some key elements for this year’s update include:

  • Changes to the audit reporting LRBAs, collectibles and personal use assets
  • What it means to the auditor’s role now the Corps Act exemption has been removed.

KN6: The future of retirement savings – an expert opinion

Speaker: Jeremy Cooper, Chairman, Retirement Income, Challenger Limited

Join Jeremy Cooper, Chairman of Retirement Income at Challenger Limited, thought-leader and change agent, as he explores the future of retirement income, superannuation and SMSFs.