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Mentorship eligibility

To be eligible for help as part of our Mentor the Treasurer program, organisations must be an Australian-based not-for-profit (NFP) with an annual gross revenue from all sources that does not exceed  $250,000.

The role of the mentee

All mentee treasurers are expected to:

  • be available for mentoring sessions at mutually convenient locations and times
  • ensure you fully understand the processes described in the Mentor the Treasurer program guidebook 

 and as outlined by your mentor:

  • use  appropriate accounting processes and financial controls
  • maintain regular communication with your mentor
  • provide feedback to CPA Australia at the end of the mentoring assignment.

While mentee organisations are under no obligation to implement the mentor's recommendations, failure to do so may be cause to terminate the relationship. This especially applies if serious breaches are not being addressed.

The program agreement

All participants in the Mentor the Treasurer program agree that all information is kept confidential. 

You can ask your mentor to sign a non-disclosure agreement that legally obliges the mentor to keep your information confidential.

How to resign

When logged in to your Pro Bono account, you can manage all aspects of the program, including resigning should you need to. 

To resign from the mentee program, go to “my profile”, select “resign from program” and press submit, or email [email protected]

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