Business, employee, student, investor or tax agent? Check out our tax tips for 2019.

Do you know the tax deductions and offsets for which you might be eligible this financial year? These tips may help you to legitimately reduce your tax liability in your 2018-19 return.

It is more important than ever to report investment income – including from overseas – maintain accurate records, correctly calculate capital gains or losses on disposal, and ensure you comply with the various rules and concessions available to investors.

Small business
Small businesses need to ensure their bookkeeping and lodgments are correct and up-to-date. They should obtain professional tax advice, especially in areas where more complex tax issues arise.

If you’re a student, lodging an income tax return may seem a bit daunting. Parents who may be helping to navigate these uncertain waters can also find it challenging. To help, CPA Australia has put together tax tips for students for the year ending 30 June 2019.

Tax time information for agents
Prepare for tax time 2019 by exploring the latest information for agents.