Who should be a director?

Boards of directors are focused on long-term organisational success – in all dimensions. As directors, they should not run day to day operations but set strategic targets, select key management, and overview management on an ongoing basis.

This study by the International Governance and Performance (IGAP) research centre focuses on the characteristics, skills, and types of people that make successful directors.

    Date Title Topic Type
    17/10/16 ASIC consultation paper on communicating audit findings (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    17/10/16 IAASB amends Standards on Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations Audit and assurance Resource
    17/10/16 Podcast: IAASB September meeting highlights Audit and assurance Resource
    12/10/16 How HK's outdated insolvency law is hindering innovation Economics Commentary
    07/10/16 Putting faith in ACNC: A red tape busting solution that lives depend on Not-for-profit Commentary
    06/10/16 Hong Kong’s economy remains subdued and the SAR faces growing competitive pressures – English version (pdf) Economy Media release
    06/10/16 Hong Kong’s economy remains subdued and the SAR faces growing competitive pressures – Chinese version (pdf) Economy Media release
    06/10/16 The fat cats get their superannuation loophole  Superannuation Commentary
    05/10/16 Complimentary webinar recording: Lessons from insurance claims  Public practice> Commentary
    05/10/16 Licences and registrations for public practitioners (pdf) Public practice Resource
    05/10/16 ACNC and ATO announce reduction in reporting burden for ancillary fund  Reporting Media release
    05/10/16 AASB consults on fatal-flaw draft of new income recognition requirements for NFPs  Not-for-profit Commentary
    05/10/16 ATO's consultation on general purpose financial reporting (pdf)  Reporting Submission
    05/10/16 $50 million is something well worth whining about Economics Commentary
    04/10/16 Another blow for jobs looms in the Latrobe Valley Economics Commentary
    Public sector network: News and developments September 2016 (pdf)
    Public sector
    28/09/16 How sceptical is sceptical enough for a quality audit? Audit and assurance Commentary
    27/09/16 Competitive tax regime can encourage fintech development in Malaysia  Taxation Commentary
    21/09/16 Dollar parity housing home truths Economics Commentary
    20/09/16 CPA Australia joins coalition calling for fundraising regulation reform (pdf) Not-for-profit Commentary
    20/09/16 Submission to APESB on APES 310 Client Monies (pdf) Ethics Submission
    09/09/16 China's reforms can guide Australia Economics Commentary
    08/09/16 Not for Profits tied up in knots over financial reporting Reporting Commentary
    07/09/16 Statement from Alex Malley, chief executive of CPA Australia Superannuation Media release
    07/09/16 Budget surprises don’t win hearts and minds for good policy Politics Commentary
    07/09/16 ASIC release corporate plan for 2016-17 to 2019-20 Audit and assurance Resource
    06/09/16 Interest rate decision great for home loans, bad for housing affordability Economics Commentary
    01/09/16 Yes, Aussies are all being super-charged Superannuation Commentary
    31/08/16 Fair Work Ombudsman tools for hiring and managing employees Business management Resource
    31/08/16 Complimentary ebook: Capture automation gains from the Cloud Public practice Resource
    31/08/16 New guidance note: APES GN 41 Management Representations (pdf) Ethics Resource
    31/08/16 Amendments to Auditing Standards ASA 810 (pdf)  Audit and assurance Submission
    24/08/16 Complimentary webinar: Lessons from public accounting insurance claims Public practice Resource
    24/08/16 SMSF Trustee free online training tool Superannuation Resource
    24/08/16 Guidance note on consumer credit (pdf) Public practice Resource
    24/08/16 Professional indemnity insurance comparison checklist (pdf) Public practice Resource
    24/08/16 Amendments to Auditing Standards ASA 800 and 805 (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    24/08/16 Podcast: Focus areas for the ATO's 2016-17 SMSF Auditor Compliance Program Superannuation Resource
    24/08/16 Government knew all along backpacker policy could not survive  Politics Commentary
    22/08/16 Is the new accounting standard on leases set to change business practice? Reporting Commentary
    17/08/16 Is the door already closing on Australia’s recently announced open data policy? Politics Commentary
    17/08/16 Superannuation: Do you need to be licensed? (pdf) Financial planning Resource
    17/08/16 IAASB's consults on its work plan for 2017-2018 Accounting Submission
    17/08/16 Reference to auditor's responsibilities for enhanced auditor's reports Audit and assurance Resource
    17/08/16 Access accounting function letters and forms Public practice Resource
    17/08/16 AUASB 26 July 2016 meeting highlights (pdf) Audit and assurance Resource
    15/08/16 There’s never been a worse time to be a climate scientist Politics Commentary
    10/08/16 Guidance note on SMSFs and property Superannuation Resource
    10/08/16 Becoming a financial planner Financial planning Resource
    10/08/16 Intellectual property: Why it matters to accountants Public practice Resource
    03/08/16 Updated guidance note for advising on SMSFs   Superannuation Resource
    03/08/16 New guidance note: APES GN 21 valuation services for financial reporting (pdf)   Reporting Resource
    03/08/16 How quality practices provide 20-20 vision in foresight  Public practice Commentary
    03/08/16 NSW Fair Trading support repeal of fundraising legislation (pdf)   Reporting Submission
    03/08/16 Australian universities are missing out while policymakers dither  Politics Commentary
    27/07/16 Even the Australians want Helen Clark as UN leader  Politics Commentary
    27/07/16 2016 year-end tax workpapers  Taxation Resource
    27/07/16 Updated public practice application forms  Public practice Resource
    27/07/16 2016 small entities audit manual available now  Audit and assurance Resource
    27/07/16 CPA Australia publishes the second batch of updated IFRS factsheets Reporting Resource
    27/07/16 A breath of fresh air on farm management deposits Taxation Commentary
    22/07/16 Dick Smith collapse raises more questions for accounting profession  Reporting Commentary
    22/07/16 On the footy field, governance is an important determinant of success  Governance Commentary
    20/07/16 The political message needs to get personal  Politics Commentary
    20/07/16 Financial advice and regulations: Guidance for the accounting profession (pdf)  Public practice Resource
    20/07/16 Watch now: The changing regulatory landscape for financial services  Public practice Commentary
    20/07/16 Top 10 non-audit breaches in 2015  Public practice Resource
    20/07/16 Improving financial information in prospectuses (pdf) Reporting Submission
    20/07/16 Understanding CPA Australia's liability limited scheme (pdf)  Public practice Resource
    19/07/16 Questions loom for Curtis Pitt for raiding the public service super fund surplus to prop up the Budget  Politics Commentary
    18/07/16 Who needs a government?  Politics Commentary
    15/07/16 In search of an international reporting framework for not-for-profits  Reporting Commentary
    12/07/16 When it comes to retirement protection policies, it’s tough to get the incentives right  Economics Commentary
    12/07/16 Complimentary video: Top tips for CPAs providing financial services  Public practice Resource
    12/07/16 Watch now: SBR from a practitioner perspective  Public practice Commentary
    12/07/16 Public practice brand guidelines  Public practice Resource
    12/07/16 Complimentary webinar recording: CPA Australia's public accounting insurance offer  Public practice Resource
    12/07/16 Superannuation fund client letters for year-end  Superannuation Resource
    12/07/16 Auditor professional scepticism: Impact of trust and distrust – research findings (pdf) Audit and assurance Resource
    06/07/16 Tax tips for small business  Taxation Resource
    06/07/16 2016 year-end tax letters now available  Taxation Resource
    06/07/16 Developing client relationships panel discussion Business management Commentary
    06/07/16 Auditor registration requirements for RCAs (RG 180)  Audit and assurance Resource
    06/07/16 AASB action alert highlights latest discussions (pdf)  Reporting Resource
    06/07/16 CPA Australia publishes first batch of updated IFRS factsheets  Reporting Resource
    06/07/16 Public sector network: News and developments May 2016 (pdf) Public sector Resource
    06/07/16 AASB 124 related party disclosure questionnaire for the public sector (pdf) Reporting Resource
    06/07/16 NZ’s book of good minority government a must-read  Politics Commentary
    01/07/16 LEARN Update June 2016 Audit and assurance Resource
    29/06/16 AASB 124 related party disclosures public sector not-for-profit entities (pdf) Superannuation Resource
    29/06/16 2016 superannuation fund checklist now available  Superannuation Resource
    29/06/16 A guide to managing foreign exchange risk (pdf)  Economics Resource
    29/06/16 Complimentary video: How organic growth insulates your firm  Business management Commentary
    29/06/16 IT checklist for small business (pdf) Business management Resource
    29/06/16 Preparing for the introduction of the safeguard mechanism  Sustainability  Resource
    29/06/16 Top 10 audit breaches in 2015  Audit and assurance Resource
    29/06/16 AUASB 15 June 2016 meeting highlights  Audit and assurance Resource
    27/06/16 Brother, can you spare a government?  Politics Commentary
    24/06/16 Why is it proving so hard to lift audit quality?  Audit and assurance Commentary
    23/06/16 Our real EU challenge is chasing a free trade agreement  Economics Commentary
    22/06/16 Cultural accountability in corporate Australia is not a choice  Taxation Commentary
    22/06/16 2016 tax checklists now available  Taxation Resource
    22/06/16 Complimentary video: Client billing and pricing models  Public practice Commentary
    22/06/16 The benefit of CPA Australia's limited liability scheme  Public practice Resource
    22/06/16 Call for comments: Revised ASA 800 on audits of special purpose financial statements  Audit and assurance Commentary
    22/06/16 Call for comments: Revised ASA 805 on audits of single financial statements  Audit and assurance Commentary
    22/06/16 CPA Australia calls for fundraising reform through the Consumer Law Review (pdf)  Not-for-profit Submission
    21/06/16 The NSW Budget is a missed opportunity   Taxation Commentary
    15/06/16 New Division 7A resources from the ATO  Taxation Resource
    15/06/16 Join us for a complimentary webinar on CPA Australia's public accounting insurance offer  Public practice Resource
    15/06/16 Public practice application forms  Public practice Resource
    15/06/16 ASIC announces its focus areas for 30 June 2016 financial reports  Reporting Resource
    08/06/16 Do you require a practising certificate?  Public practice Resource
    08/06/16 Complimentary videos: Accountants in sustainability and environmental accounting  Sustainability  Resource
    08/06/16 Taxation implications of intellectual property: Read our guide and watch a webinar recording  Taxation Resource
    08/06/16 IAASB invitation to comment on enhancing audit quality (pdf)  Audit and assurance Submission
    08/06/16 The Victorian Auditor-General Discussion Paper March 2016 (pdf)  Audit and assurance Submission
    08/06/16 Limited AFS licensing regime: Transitional arrangements end 30 June  Superannuation Resource
    06/06/16 Confusing changes to super hit a raw nerve  Superannuation Commentary
    03/06/16 Innovation agenda’s bankruptcy reform needs more caution  Government  Commentary
    02/06/16 Government underestimates numbers affected by super changes, new survey results show (pdf)  Government  Commentary
    01/06/16 Removal of the accountants' exemption: What you need to know  Superannuation Resource
    01/06/16 Top tips for keeping on top of regulation  Accounting Resource
    01/06/16 The accountant's role in combatting cyber crooks  Technology  Commentary
    01/06/16 Complimentary webinar recording: Understanding the end of the accountants' exemption  Superannuation Resource
    01/06/16 Any member can access resources on the Public Practice Portal  Public practice Resource
    01/06/16 South Australia slashes Not-for-profit red tape by passing legislation aligned with the ACNC  Not-for-profit Resource
    31/05/16 IAASB Invitation to Comment on Enhancing Audit Quality (pdf) Public practice Resource
    31/05/16 The Victorian Auditor-General Discussion Paper March 2016 (pdf) Public practice Resource
    26/05/16 Budget consistency is an English virtue  Government  Commentary
    26/05/16 New Zealand's vision for more diversified economy supported by strong well-rounded budget (pdf) Government  Media release
    25/05/16 Access our new APES portal  Ethics Resource
    25/05/16 Client engagement forms  Public practice Resource
    25/05/16 AASB issues clarifications to AASB 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers  Accounting Resource
    25/05/16 Complimentary PI insurance for members providing pro bono or voluntary accounting services in the community  Not-for-profit Resource
    25/05/16 Code Changes on Long Association (pdf)  Ethics Submission
    23/05/16 Integrated reporting delivering market resilience   Reporting Commentary
    18/05/16 Public practice: Read highlights from the latest INPRACTICE online  Public practice Commentary
    18/05/16 Guide to APES 325: Risk management for firms (pdf)  Ethics Resource
    18/05/16 Access the Personal Property Securities Register  Accounting Resource
    18/05/16 The ACNC issues fundraising FAQs  Not-for-profit Resource
    18/05/16 Referrals list for elder abuse services  Public practice Resource
    18/05/16 Search for public practice webinars  Public practice Resource
    18/05/16 AASB consultation on reporting service performance information (pdf)  Reporting Submission
    18/05/16 Improving the structure of the Code of Ethics (pdf)  Ethics Submission
    11/05/16 Seven ways to protect your business against a cyber attack Public practice Resource
    11/05/16 Professional indemnity insurance comparison checklist (pdf) Public practice Resource
    11/05/16 Guidance note on accountants' letters and capacity to repay certificates (pdf) Financial planning Resource
    11/05/16 Private Ancillary Fund Guideline amendments Reporting Resource
    11/05/16 Amendments proposed in ED 59 to IPSAS 25 Employee Benefits (pdf) Reporting Submission
    06/05/16 Improving enforcement options for serious corporate crime: Consideration of a Deferred Prosecution Agreements scheme in Australia (pdf) Sustainability Submission
    05/05/16 Companies limited by guarantee and incorporated associations (pdf)  Not-for-profit Resource
    05/05/16 Guide to valuation and depreciation (pdf) Not-for-profit Resource
    05/05/16 RBA rains on Scott Morrison's parade  Economics Commentary
    04/05/16 Are you looking to enter public practice?  Public practice Resource
    04/05/16 AUASB 18 April meeting highlights (pdf)  Audit and assurance Resource
    04/05/16 Allocating profits within professional firms  Public practice Resource
    04/05/16 Understanding the difference between employees and contractors  Public practice Resource
    04/05/16 IAASB issues 2014/2015 biennial report  Audit and assurance Resource
    04/05/16 Quality review resources  Public practice Resource
    03/05/16 Federal Budget 2016: Statement from Alex Malley, Chief Executive (pdf)  Government Media release
    28/04/16 CPA Australia welcomes revised Bill for Professional Standards reforms (pdf) Accounting Media release
    28/04/16 Panama Papers and tax in the boardroom  Taxation Commentary
    27/04/16 Public practice application forms  Public practice Resource
    27/04/16 Guidance note for advising on SMSFs (pdf) Public practice Resource
    27/04/16 Obligations for companies limited by guarantee and incorporated associations (pdf) Public practice Resource
    27/04/16 AASB action alert highlights latest discussions (pdf)  Reporting Resource
    27/04/16 Rural regions need Federal Budget money Politics Commentary
    20/04/16 Inquiry into carbon risk disclosure (pdf) Sustainability Submission
    20/04/16 What tricks has the government got up its sleeve for the budget?  Politics Commentary
    20/04/16 Statement from Alex Malley, chief executive of CPA Australia, responding to announcement regarding ASIC (pdf) Accounting Media release
    20/04/16 Top five risk mitigation strategies  Public practice Resource
    20/04/16 Trust streaming resources  Public practice Resource
    20/04/16 Guidance note on SMSFs and property (pdf)  Public practice Resource
    20/04/16 Establishing a public practice in Australia  Public practice Resource
    20/04/16 Confirmation of extension of charity financial reporting transitional provisions  Reporting Resource
    18/04/16 CPA Australia Advice secures licences from ASIC (pdf) Accounting Media release
    13/04/16 Guide to issuing engagement letters  Public practice Resource
    13/04/16 Guide to pro bono or voluntary audits for community organisations Public practice Resource
    13/04/16 Employment manual templates for public practice firms  Public practice Resource
    13/04/16 Purchasing an accounting practice checklist (pdf)  Public practice Resource
    13/04/16 Complimentary webinar recording: Understanding the end of the accountants' exemption  Accounting Resource
    12/04/16 Multinational tax under the microscope Taxation Commentary
    12/04/16 Proposed revisions pertaining to safeguards in the code: Phase 1 (pdf)   Ethics Submission
    06/04/16 Superannuation: Do you need to be licensed? (pdf)  Public practice Resource
    06/04/16 Access a "download all" facility for public accounting insurance checklists and guides  Public practice Resource
    06/04/16 Read our guides on practice structures  Public practice Commentary
    06/04/16 IAASB issues revised ISA 810 engagements to report on summary financial statements  Audit and assurance Resource
    06/04/16 Reminder: 2016 FBT checklist available for members to download  Public practice Resource
    04/04/16 State tax frolic ends, but all roads lead to holistic reform  Economics Commentary
    04/04/16 How much have we learned post GFC?  Accounting Commentary
    30/03/16 Tax checklists now available Taxation Resource
    30/03/16 Industry tips for leading your firm towards a surer future Technology  Commentary
    30/03/16 Do you require a PPC? CPA Australia defines financial planning as a Public Accounting Service  Public practice Resource
    30/03/16 Access a "download all" facility for guides and forms to assist with client relationship management  Public practice Resource
    30/03/16 AASB issues amending standard AASB 2016-2 Amendments to AASB 107  Reporting Resource
    23/03/16 2016 FBT checklist (doc) Taxation Resource
    23/03/16 Read our top tips for client and service approach  Public practice Commentary
    23/03/16 Access the suite of complimentary recordings on intellectual property issues facing accountants  Accounting Resource
    23/03/16 APES 310: Review your obligations for dealing with client monies Public practice Resource
    23/03/16 More informative auditor's reports – what audit committees and finance executives need to know  Audit and assurance Resource
    23/03/16 Creating Australia's future innovators: Key highlights  Innovation  Commentary
    23/03/16 CPA Australia responds to the AASB on its agenda consultation 2017-19 (pdf) Reporting Submission
    16/03/16 Register now for an accountants' exemption reform webinar: complimentary for members  Public practice Resource
    16/03/16 Access the transcript from the recent live chat on enhanced auditor reporting Public practice Resource
    16/03/16 Resources for SMPs and SMEs  Public practice Resource
    16/03/16 Read our top tips for preparing your public practice firm for the future  Public practice Resource
    16/03/16 AUASB 22 February 2016 meeting highlights have been released (pdf)  Audit and assurance Resource
    16/03/16 CP 248 – remaking ASIC class orders on reporting by foreign entities (pdf)  Reporting Submission
    16/03/16 Turnbull government's next target: limiting claims for work-related expenses at tax time  Taxation Commentary
    09/03/16 Statement from Alex Malley, Chief Executive of CPA Australia, welcoming “The objective of superannuation” discussion paper (pdf) Superannuation Media release
    09/03/16 Did you know any member can access resources on the Public Practice Portal?  Public practice Resource
    09/03/16 CPA Australia has a professional indemnity insurance offer for practitioners  Public practice Resource
    09/03/16 Superannuation: Do you need to be licensed? (pdf)  Public practice Resource
    09/03/16 Access a "Download All" facility for accounting function letters, forms and workpapers  Public practice Resource
    09/03/16 The Australian Accounting Standards Board's action alert from its latest meeting (pdf)  Reporting Resource
    09/03/16 IFIAR have released their 2015 audit inspection findings survey findings  Audit and assurance Resource
    09/03/16 Draft Private Ancillary Fund and Public Ancillary Fund Amendment Guidelines 2015 (pdf)  Reporting Submission
    09/03/16 ED 272 Transfers of Investment Property (pdf) Reporting Submission
    07/03/16 Public sector network: News and developments February 2015 (pdf) Public sector Resource
    07/03/16 United we stand  Leadership  Commentary
    04/03/16 Statement from Alex Malley, chief executive of CPA Australia welcoming the retention of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) (pdf) Government  Media release
    02/03/16 Government’s backpacker plans are ill-considered Economics Commentary
    02/03/16 Victorian rail fiasco governance off the rails Leadership Commentary
    02/03/16 SMSF licensing options: Important updates  Superannuation Resource
    02/03/16 IT management for public practitioners  Technology  Resource
    02/03/16 Are you across the transitional options to become a registered tax (financial) adviser?  Taxation Resource
    01/03/16 Ethics, audit, and reporting quarterly update (pdf) Audit and assurance Resource
    24/02/16 Reminder: Enhanced auditor reporting live chat on Friday 26 February  Audit and assurance Commentary
    24/02/16 Top tips for financial advisers  Financial planning  Resource
    24/02/16 Intangible asset depreciation changes (pdf)  Taxation Resource
    24/02/16 Ethical considerations relating to audit fee setting: IESBA staff publication  Ethics Resource
    24/02/16 Transcript of accountants' exemption reform live chat  Accounting Commentary
    24/02/16 Do you require a practising certificate?  Public practice Resource
    19/02/16 Is financial reporting suffering from “hamster wheel” syndrome? Accounting Commentary
    18/02/16 Hey Malcolm Turnbull, how about a tax cut on savings Economics Commentary
    17/02/16 Treasurer Morrison’s address to National Press Club (pdf) Government Media release
    17/02/16 Guide for not-for-profits: Understand key reporting and assurance obligations (pdf)  Not-for-profit Resource
    17/02/16 ACNC seeks to address interaction between charities and banking institutions  Not-for-profit Media release
    17/02/16 State of the Service Report Briefings – find out what's next for the Australian public service in your state  Public practice Resource
    17/02/16 Complimentary recorded presentation: Intellectual property – business modelling basics  Business management Resource
    17/02/16 Complimentary recorded presentation: Intellectual property – business structures for innovative businesses  Business management Resource
    17/02/16 Draft IFRIC Interpretation – Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments (pdf)  Accounting Submission
    17/02/16 The IASB Request for Views – 2015 Agenda Consultation (pdf)  Accounting Submission
    17/02/16 IFRS Practice Statement: Application of Materiality to Financial Statements (pdf)  Accounting Submission
    10/02/16 Public and not-for-profit sectors: Guide to valuation and depreciation (pdf)  Public sector Resource
    10/02/16 Join us for a complimentary live chat on enhanced auditor reporting  Audit and assurance Commentary
    10/02/16 Join us for a complimentary live chat on intellectual property business modelling and structures  Public practice Commentary
    10/02/16 Guide to APES 230 Financial Planning Services (pdf)  Financial planning  Resource
    10/02/16 Read the transcript of the Accounting treatment and valuation issues in intellectual property live chat  Accounting Commentary
    10/02/16 The AASB issues amending Standard AASB 2015-10 Effective Date of Amendments to AASB 10 and AASB 128 (pdf)  Accounting Resource
    10/02/16 CPA Australia comments on IPSASB ED 57 Impairment of Revalued Assets (pdf)  Public sector Submission
    10/02/16 CPA Australia comments on the ACNC consultation paper on the 2016 Annual Information Statement (pdf)  Not-for-profit Submission
    05/02/16 Launch of valuation and depreciation guide for public sector and not-for-profit entities (pdf) Public sector Media release
    03/02/16 Fact sheet: What superannuation advice and services require you to be licensed (pdf)  Superannuation Resource
    03/02/16 Top tips to preparing your firm for the future  Public practice Resource
    03/02/16 Access a "download all" option for your human resource management resources  Public practice Resource
    03/02/16 IAASB finalises changes for Auditor Reporting on Special Purpose Financial Statements  Audit and assurance Media release
    28/01/16 A taxing issue for 2016 Accounting Commentary
    28/01/16 AEC to benefit Malaysia's dynamic small businesses Economics Commentary
    27/01/16 Join us for a complimentary live chat on the accountants' exemption reform  Accounting Commentary
    27/01/16 What will the impact of technology be in the future?  Technology Commentary
    27/01/16 Did you know financial planning is defined by CPA Australia as a Public Accounting Service and you may require a PPC?  Public practice Resource
    27/01/16 Public Practice professional resources portal  Public practice Resource
    27/01/16 AUASB issues Enhanced Auditor Reporting Requirements for years ending on or after 15 December 2016  Audit and assurance Media release
    27/01/16 AUASB International Update outlines activities of key standard setters and regulators to November 2015 (pdf) Audit and assurance Resource
    27/01/16 FRC appoints KPMG Partner, Ms Carolyn Ralph, and PwC Partner, Mr Ashley Wood, as new Board members to the AUASB  Audit and assurance Media release
    26/01/16 Hong Kong Tax Survey – traditional Chinese (pdf) Taxation Media release
    26/01/16 Hong Kong Tax Survey – English (pdf) Taxation Media release
    20/01/16 Thousands of charities at risk of revocation Not-for-profit Resource
    20/01/16 Disaster recovery toolkit: Guidance to businesses impacted by disaster Business management Resource
    20/01/16 The enhanced auditor report "sea change" - delivering relevancy through transparency Public practice Commentary
    20/01/16 Podcast: ASIC discuss their Audit Inspection Findings Audit and assurance Commentary
    20/01/16 Managing communication and conflict in a family business: Questions and answers (pdf)  Business management Resource
    20/01/16 Corporations Amendment (Professional Standards of Financial Advisers) Bill 2015 exposure draft (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    19/01/16 Financial reporting of tax positions – square pegs and round holes  Accounting Commentary
    18/01/16 Corporations amendment (Professional Standards of Financial Advisors) Bill 2005 exposure draft (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    08/01/16 Not if, but when: Higher taxes needed in Hong Kong to ensure a sustainable future for its citizens  Taxation Commentary
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