The Hon. Richard Alston

Former Federal Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (1996-2003), and former Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (2005-2008)

"This excellent and timely analysis of Australia's economic situation clearly identifies how we can, and must, move to the next stage of advanced competitiveness if we are to fully capitalise on our favourable regional location. This book provides the definitive road map for a better future." 

Andrew Banks

Chairman, Talent2

"An excellent analysis of a hugely important and complex issue. The implications for the workforce, educators and employers are made particularly clear–a must-read for all those who agree 'competitiveness is everyone's business' if Australia is to improve its standard of living in a fast moving and competitive world."

Professor Tim Brailsford

Vice Chancellor and President, Bond University

"This book takes in more than 6000 survey responses on Australia’s competitiveness, making it a comprehensive and useful resource. Acting on the suggestions for workforce development and for the development of the knowledge-innovation economy that are presented in this book will help to protect and enhance Australia's standing as a global leader in the knowledge economy."

Geoffrey Hill

Chairman, Mount Gibson Iron

"At last, someone has made sense of Australia's competitiveness in facts and figures. This book makes it clear that for Australia to be competitive and productive into the future all parties will need to work together. Business and political leaders, policymakers and others will find this book helpful in figuring out what can be done to make Australia a better place in which to live and work."

Brett King

Bestselling author of Bank 3.0

“Michael Enright and Richard Petty articulate very well the challenges of an economy that needs to adapt to a changing global environment. The risk of complacency represents a challenge to Australia's future growth and prosperity. This book may be the most honest assessment I've seen in showing Australia how to prevent a dramatic reversal of fortune. I fear the consequences of ignoring such advice." 

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