On 16 June 2017 the Board of CPA Australia announced an independent panel to conduct a review of claims raised by members and other stakeholders. On 3 July the full terms of reference and membership of the Independent Review Panel were announced. The objective of the Independent Review is to ensure claims that impact the reputation of the organisation, the value of the accreditation, and the confidence of members are properly reviewed and addressed.

The Independent Review has established its own website to act as a portal for members and stakeholders to access content relating to the review, follow the review's status and make submissions to the independent panel.

On 14 September the Independent Review Panel released its Preliminary Report

On 30 November the Independent Review Panel released its Final Report.

These reports can be accessed at the Independent Review Panel’s website www.cpaaustraliareview.com

CPA Australia’s Board received the Final Report from the Independent Review Panel on 30 November. The Final Report is extensive and the Board will take some time to consider its findings and recommendations. The Board will provide a detailed response to members on 15 December.