The CPA Program gives you the skills to stand out in the real world, and the experience you gain along the way helps prepare you for the next stage in your career.  

Careers built on accounting and finance knowledge are many and varied. As technology advances, future careers will continue to evolve. 

That’s why we’ve reviewed and updated the experience requirement. While our high-quality standards remain unchanged, we have made adjustments to make it simpler for you to claim your experience.

Are you already enrolled in the practical experience requirement? Find out how the changes affect you.

To satisfy the experience requirement you’ll follow a three-step process:

1. Gain your experience

You will need to gain 36 months of relevant experience. Each role must include at least one technical skill from the skills list to be relevant experience and to count towards Your Experience. 

Experience can be gained at any time – before your study, during your study, relevant volunteer work, even work experience during university may be eligible. You may already have sufficient relevant experience. You can also gain your experience by working for a Recognised Employer Partner

Over the course of your experience, you must demonstrate a minimum of 10 skills across four categories: Technical, Personal effectiveness, Business and Leadership.

2. Get your experience signed-off

We expect that you will get your experience signed off every 12 months. To do this you need to complete an experience claim form (PDF) and have the form signed-off. This means that you’ll need to identify a CPA, FCPA or an equivalent full member of an International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) member body, to review your experience and sign-off the time period that you’re claiming and the skills that you’ve acquired. 

To have your experience signed-off, you’ll need to demonstrate the experience you’ve gained and each of your roles must include at least one technical skill. You may find using a logbook (PDF) useful so you’re tracking relevant examples of skills you’ve obtained.

Note: If you are supported by a mentor who is a CPA, FCPA or IFAC member, then they can sign-off your claim. Appointing a mentor is optional, but we encourage our Associate members to do so as a mentor can provide you with guidance and support throughout your CPA Program. More about mentors

3. Verify your experience

When your Your experience claim form (PDF) has been signed-off, then you’re ready to submit it to CPA Australia for verification.

We recommend that you submit a claim form when you believe you have completed all time and skills required. If you would like to check your progress you may wish to submit a form earlier, but no more than once a year.

To submit your claim, scan your signed experience claim form and email it to Allow up to 10 days from our receipt of your claim to receive your verification.   

When 36 months of experience and the necessary skills have been verified, you’ll have met the "experience" requirement. When you’ve satisfied both the CPA Program education component as well as holding a degree qualification, you’ll be ready to advance to CPA status.