If you’re part way through the practical experience requirement, and have already claimed some experience, you’ll notice some changes to the process you’ll follow from now on.

Your future experience claims will use one simple form

Previously, if you were enrolled in the experience requirement with a mentor or with a Recognised employer partner, you’d have used different forms. Now you’ll follow a simple three step process and use just one form (PDF) when you’re claiming experience.

You now need to demonstrate ten skills

To satisfy the experience requirement, you need to demonstrate ten skills – two from each of Personal effectiveness, Leadership and Business and four Technical skills. If you have gained a technical skill that is not featured in the skills list, you may claim an "other technical skill", and provide information on the skill you have gained for CPA Australia verification. The skill should be of an equivalent level to other skills in the list, and you may describe a maximum of three other technical skills.

You can now claim any length of experience

You can claim any length of experience, with any number of employers. If you are changing jobs frequently, we recommend you get your experience signed-off by a CPA, FCPA or IFAC member regularly. We recommend that you submit a claim form when you believe you have completed all time and skills required. If you would like to check your progress you may wish to submit a form earlier, but no more than once a year.

If you’re employed with a Recognised Employer Partner, you will now need to have your experience signed-off before submitting a claim to CPA Australia

If you’re employed with a Recognised Employer Partner, you’ll now need to have your experience signed off by a CPA, FCPA or a full member of another IFAC body. Formerly, your employer would have signed this off for you. You’ll need to identify a suitable person to sign-off your experience in future.

There’s no longer a need to enrol in the experience requirement

You’ll notice that all members will no longer need to enrol in the experience requirement. If you are already enrolled, there’s no need for you to take any additional action. When the time comes to submit a claim for your experience, you just need to use the experience claim form (PDF).