CPA AustraliA Mentoring Program PiloT

CPA Australia has launched a pilot mentoring program to provide opportunities for mentees and mentors to connect and learn from each other through a mutually beneficial professional relationship.


A good mentoring relationship is vital when a candidate decides to complete their experience requirement with a mentor. The mentor corner will help mentors and mentees understand their roles in the mentoring relationship.

Are you a mentee?

Completing your experience requirement in a mentoring relationship has many benefits. You will be able to share your mentor’s experience and insights and use this to get further in your own career. A good mentoring relationship can last a lifetime and provide you with lasting opportunities to improve your employment.

Your mentor should be an experienced person that provides you with assistance, guidance, advice, encouragement and support to help you complete the practical component of the CPA Program.

Are you a mentor?

Mentoring someone with less experience is a widely recognised way to improve your own skills. Sharing your knowledge and insight, while helping an individual in their career, can be a source of satisfaction and will give you a fresh perspective, the chance to stay in touch with relevant issues and reflect on your own practices.