A career in financial planning is an exciting one – it’s a dynamic sector that gives you the opportunity to utilise your trusted skills as a CPA as you provide financial advice to the public. The financial advice industry is highly regulated. So if you want a career in this area you’ll have to meet all the education and licensing requirements. 

That means:


You’ll need to be licenced appropriately in accordance with ASIC – that is, you’ll need to hold your own Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence, as granted by ASIC, or be an authorised representative under another entity’s AFS licence.


It’s likely that you’ll also need to be registered as a tax financial adviser (TFA). Tax advice provided in the context of financial planning advice is regulated by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). As tax financial advice is commonly provided with financial planning advice, the majority of licensed financial planners also hold this registration.

That’s why we’re introducing four new financial planning subjects to provide you with the ability to meet the knowledge requirements as set by ASIC in RG 146, and make progress towards a career in financial planning, with an Australian context, as you complete the CPA Program.

Four new subjects

to provide the knowledge you need

Financial Planning

Upon completion of all four subjects, you’ll meet the current knowledge requirements as set by ASIC in RG 146. If you also wish to become a tax financial adviser, then you’ll need to make decisions about your CPA Program study that equip you to satisfy these requirements as well. Discover the steps you’ll need to take.

Eligibility Requirements and prerequisites


Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are encouraged to complete studies in Australian taxation prior to enrolling in Financial Planning Fundamentals. While Australian taxation is not a prerequisite, it is assumed candidates have this knowledge and those who do not may place themselves at a considerable disadvantage.

Candidates who have not completed prior Australian taxation studies are recommended to first complete Advanced Taxation in the CPA Program. Read the rules and regulations prior to enrolment.
Exam Comments


Completion of subject 1 is a prerequisite to undertake subjects 2 and 3. Subjects 2 and 3 may then be completed in any order. Completion of subjects 1, 2 and 3 are a prerequisite to enrol in subject 4.


Normal CPA Program enrolment fees apply

Study support and examination

The exam will be open book and will comprise both multiple choice questions and written response. The exam for Financial Planning Fundamentals will be held on a fixed date in computer based format. Candidates must be available to attend an exam on that fixed date and prepared to travel to a computer based exam centre.

The following study materials will be provided:


A digital study guide with extra features like embedded video to enhance your learning.

Question and answers

Access to Knowledge Checks and the Ask an Expert forum in My Online Learning.


A printed study guide will be provided by week four of the semester.

How to enrol

Enrolments for Semester 1 2017 are open from the advertised date.

Candidates are reminded that prior learning in Australian taxation is strongly recommended before enrolling.

Associate Members

Associate members may enrol online via:  

My CPA Program

CPAs and FCPAs

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