Your partner through 2021

Navigating change and creating opportunities

This year has once again reminded us just how complex, connected and fast-changing the world really is. Which is why it's more vital than ever that accounting professionals are prepared to perform today and advance tomorrow.

We're proud of the crucial role the CPA Australia community has played over the last 12 months. You've been trusted to transform businesses and enhance communities. Navigate risks and take on new responsibilities. Throughout it all, we've been your partner for progress. Leveraging our strength, resources and initiatives to help build your skills, connections and support networks.

Together, we've achieved a lot. For those at all stages of their careers, we've delivered improved value and service to help you succeed. From being your voice on policy, an advisor on topical issues, a guide for career development, and a place of community.

Here are some examples of how we provided, and continue to provide, a foundation of support for CPA Australia members and their success.

Community and advocacy


This year we’ve continued to focus and enhance our policy and advocacy activities for the benefit of you, and the communities you serve.

  • 11,000+ registrations for Policy and Advocacy webinars

  • 130+ submissions

  • 60+ media releases


COVID-19 support

Throughout 2021, we’ve advocated for our profession on a variety of critical issues. We took a prominent position in the media regarding COVID-19, calling for additional government support for businesses affected by lockdowns and disruptions.

To help you understand and respond to the many ongoing – and new – challenges of COVID-19, we continued to provide regular updates on managing the workplace, government grants and business support for SMEs. We also developed new initiatives, like our COVID Chat for Business podcast mini-series, to help interpret and untangle key issues for members and businesses.

Budget coverage

We significantly expanded our budget coverage in 2021, both in Australia and internationally. It featured reflections on how different governments are managing their economies during the pandemic, and offered local and tailored insights into the relevant budgets for where members live and work, right across the world.

Tax Time 2021

When it comes to tax time, we know we play an important role in ensuring you have the tools, resources and support you need to get through this time of year. In 2021, our focus was on streamlining access to these tools and support, including practical resources, complimentary webinars, podcasts and tax tips. Website visits more than doubled during this period, and our tax time features in Tax News became some of our most popular pieces.

From a public interest perspective, we worked to educate the community on their tax obligations and what they need to consider at tax time. To support this, we issued four media releases, covering topics like the gig economy, small business, mum and dad investors and top tips for employees this tax time.

Net Zero commitment

In October, we joined with 12 professional accounting bodies from around the globe in signing a commitment to each achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The commitment involves setting a roadmap for how we’ll achieve Net Zero, and reporting against our roadmap. We also commit to supporting you with the tools and resources you need to help tackle climate change in your own organisation.



CPA Member Connect

It’s been an exciting year for CPA Member Connect, which celebrated its first birthday in September. This online community has cemented itself as a valuable source of connection for members, and continues to grow in size and engagement.

Through 2021, it’s been a place to share experiences and seek support. Popular topics included working from home, government grants and entitlements, employment, and taxation. In June, we even established a dedicated Tax Community to make it easier to search for specific advice and discussion topics.

In 2022 and beyond, we’ll continue to grow the CPA Member Connect community and support member engagement. If you’re not yet part of the platform, make sure you sign up.

CPA Member Connect now has

  • 15,000+ registered members
  • 1000+ discussion threads
  • 5000+ posts