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The CPA Australia Student Ambassador Program is designed to support and empower students to expand their professional networks. Develop your employability skills, while representing the CPA Australia brand to your fellow accounting, business and commerce university peers. Training and support is provided to help empower you to take the next step in your career.

Benefits of being a student ambassador:

CPA Australia

Act as a liaison between CPA Australia and university students.

Assist at CPA Australia at events such as orientation weeks, career fairs, and lecture presentations.

CPA Australia

Receive exclusive access to CPA Australia events.

If you're interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, contact
To apply, please send an email as follows:

Subject: Student Ambassador Program, University, State and CPA Australia Network ID
Please include a cover letter and your CV.

If you are not yet part of the CPA Australia Network, please join here.

We’ll be recruiting student ambassadors in the following locations:

Australian Capital Territory



New Zealand

Monday 1 August – Thursday 31 August


New South Wales



South Australia












Western Australia

Monday 26 June – Thursday 20 July


Future Leaders

The brightest and most outstanding student ambassadors may be selected as a Future Leader. Get to know some of our existing Future Leaders.

Shaveen Benberu

Shaveen Benberu

A Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) student from RMIT University in Melbourne.

What is your career dream?

My career dream is to work at my full potential in a reputable firm whilst also giving back to the community. Most importantly, I want to be successful in what I end up doing.

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Gred Poh

Yu Min (Greg) Poh

A Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting and Accounting Technology student from Curtin University.

Who do you admire?
I admire the founders of Google; Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as they are the pioneers in successfully promoting the digital services concept. I feel they share the same vision as I do, where technology is an extension of human interaction despite language, cultural or opinion differences, which often contribute to communication breakdown.

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Hollie Taylor

Hollie Taylor

A Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) student from Bond University.

What is your biggest career fear?
My biggest career fear is employing people who don’t possess the same level of passion and desire that I do and therefore I feel like I would have failed as a leader and mentor.

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