Documents required for NZ migration assessment

Content Summary

This will include evidence of your qualifications to support your migration assessment. The documents required will depend on your qualifications. In most cases, you’ll need to provide:

  • passport (photo page) or national ID card
  • proof of name change (if applicable)
  • official academic awards
  • official academic transcripts, including prior studies for exemptions
  • detailed syllabus for all qualifications not accredited by CPA Australia
  • professional body qualification (if applicable) such as exam results and membership certificates
  • third party authorisation (if a third party is acting on your behalf)

Please make sure that you remove or black-out any personal details, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts or tax file numbers from your supporting documents before they are submitted.

Chinese degree verification

An official, authorised Chinese qualification verification service must confirm degree awards and transcripts for applicants holding qualifications from a Chinese institution. An official English translation of that validation must also be provided.

If you have a diploma qualification that contributed to your bachelor’s degree, the relevant verified and translated award and transcripts should also be provided.

The verification body must send all reports directly to us, including validated copies of your original documents. We recommend using VETASSESS for this service. Its website explains how long the process will typically take so you can plan accordingly.

Please consider verification processing times to complete your verification.

Submitting documents

These must meet these guidelines:

  • Full colour
  • Fully legible and readable. No shadows, obstructions, cropping or pixellation
  • No photographs

Your document scans must be high quality colour scans* of original document using a printer scanner. We reserve the right to request higher quality or original documents, which may delay your assessment outcome.

*A high-quality scan is one that is clear, legible, and should be free from poor contrast, shadow, obstruction, blurry and with no cropping or pixilation. Before scanning, please ensure the scanner is set to a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) to avoid low resolution scanning.

There is no limit to the number of documents you can provide, however the size of the email attachment must be less than 40MB. Encrypted, compressed or archived files such as ZIP or RAR are not acceptable.


  • scan the original of each document
  • scan both sides of your document (if applicable)
  • save your documents using the correct file types: jpeg, bmp, gif, png, pdf, tif.

Third party authorisation

If you are using a third party to manage your assessment, you must complete and submit CPA Australia’s third party authorisation form along with your other supporting documents.

This form should be completed by a CPA Australia Migration Skills Assessment applicant who wishes to authorise a third party to act on their behalf as detailed in this form.


If your study is not formally accredited by CPA Australia, you'll need to include the syllabus with your application so we can provide you with individual advice on which competency areas have been covered in your qualification/s.

Syllabus details, also known as subject descriptions, should be provided for all accounting, finance and business subjects, and should accurately reflect the content covered in each of your relevant subjects.

Detailed syllabus material is an important part of the assessment process. If you don't provide this information it may adversely affect the outcome of your assessment.

Your syllabus must:

  • relate to the exact years when you studied
  • relate to the exact subjects listed on your transcript
  • be written in English.

If you can't get the official syllabus, we'll accept a statutory declaration stating the reason for its non-availability and a detailed, personal summary of the relevant subjects. The statutory declaration must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or notary officer.

If your documents or information are found to be false or non-authentic we may refuse your qualifications for assessment.


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