Preparing my documents

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Migration assessment

Preparing my documents

Supporting documentation

The documents you need to submit with your application will depend on your qualifications. You will receive a list of documents you need to provide when you apply, but you will probably need to provide:

  • your academic awards (degree and membership certificates)
  • your academic transcripts (exam results or mark sheets) 
  • recognised English test scores or Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting (SMIPA) transcripts and completion certificate
  • syllabus (subject descriptions, for non-accredited qualifications only)
  • signed letter of authority (if you have a third party acting on your behalf)

Supporting documentation for your assessment can be emailed or posted to CPA Australia’s Assessment Unit in Melbourne after you receive your acknowledgement email and reference number. 

Emailing documents

Original colour scans of documents will be accepted for your application. Any documents or forms with credit card details should not be emailed to CPA Australia.
You will need to correctly scan your documents so that we can process your application with minimal delays:

  • scan the original of each document
  • scan each document separately and include both sides
  • if the original document is in colour, scan the document in colour
  • ensure you save each document using the correct file type requirements:
    • .jpeg
    • .bmp
    • .gifo
    • .png
    • .pdf
    • .tiff
  • encrypted .pdf files cannot be accepted

There is no limit to the number of documents that can be provided, however your email size cannot exceed 40mb in total. We do not accept files that have been compressed. A compressed file is a container for documents, programs or other files that have been packaged together and reduced in size.

If you attach low quality scanned documents, it might slow down the processing of your application.

Posting documents

Documents you post with your application will need to be “certified true copies” of your originals. Your documents may be certified by any of the following:

  • a CPA or FCPA or member of an equivalent professional body
  • a commissioner for oaths
  • a Justice of the Peace
  • notary public
  • a police officer, sheriff, or sheriff's officer
  • a bank manager, dentist, legal practitioner, medical practitioner, pharmacist, or veterinary surgeon
  • an Australian consular officer, or Australian diplomatic officer
  • any other official who, in your home country, is authorised to endorse documents and legal declarations or witness sworn affidavits
  • MARA-registered migration agent
  • CPA Australia employees

The certification must clearly indicate the date the originals were sighted, and include the name, contact details, and which of the above categories the signatory represents. The certification will need to state that the copies are true and unaltered reproductions of the original documents.

ANZSCO occupation code nomination

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will only allow you to nominate one occupation using the ANZSCO code. CPA Australia only issues one assessment result, except where an assessment result has been reviewed or updated.

You must decide which ANZSCO occupation you intend to nominate before you submit your application for assessment. You can ask us to change your ANZSCO code at any time before your assessment is completed.

Definitions of ANZSCO codes can be viewed on the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  

Accredited degrees

If you have completed study that is formally accredited by CPA Australia, you can check which competency areas you have completed prior to applying for an assessment by searching for your course.  If you have completed an accredited course, you do not need to provide syllabus.

Use the following table to help track the conversion from the old core knowledge areas to the current set of competency areas:

Pre-July Core knowledge areas  July-onward Competency areas 
Accounting Systems and Processes  Accounting Systems and Processes 
Financial Accounting 
Financial Accounting and Reporting 
Accounting Theory 
Management Accounting  Management Accounting 
Finance  Finance and Financial Management 
Commercial Law 
Business Law 
Corporations Law 
Economics  Economics 
Quantitative Methods  Quantitative Methods 
Accounting Information Systems  *Removed – no longer required 
Auditing  Audit and Assurance 
Taxation Law / Australian Taxation Law  Taxation / Australian Taxation Law 

Other qualifications

If your study is not formally accredited by CPA Australia, you will need to include syllabus with your application so that we can provide you with individual advice on which competency areas have been studied in your qualification. 


Syllabus details, also known as subject outlines or descriptions, should be provided for all accounting, finance and business subjects, and should demonstrate what content was covered in each of your relevant subjects.

Your syllabus must:

  • relate to the exact years during which you studied
  • relate to the exact subjects that are listed on your transcript
  • be written in English.

If an official syllabus cannot be obtained, we will accept an unofficial syllabus that you have written yourself, as long as a statutory declaration can be provided, which confirms that the syllabus you are providing is an accurate representation of what you studied.

If your syllabus has been copied from textbooks or other sources not related to your own study, it will not be considered in your assessment. 

Detailed syllabus material plays an important part of the assessment process. Failure to provide adequate syllabus may adversely affect the outcome of your assessment.

Chinese degree verification

CPA Australia requires all applicants who hold a non-accredited degree from a university in China to arrange to have their degree award and transcripts verified through an authorised Chinese qualification verification service. If you have a diploma qualification that leads to your bachelor degree, you will further be required to have your transcripts relating to your diploma qualifications verified.

All verification reports must be sent directly to CPA Australia from the verification body and must include a copy of the documents that have been verified. 

Ensure you consider the verification processing times and ensure you allocate sufficient time for your verification to be completed.  

For more information on authorised verification services visit VETASSESS or Aohua.

How to prioritise an urgent application

If your visa is expiring in two weeks or earlier, let us know and we will prioritise your application to aim for your results to be issued before your visa deadline. You will need to do the following:

  • scan a copy of your visa deadline
  • email it to:
  • add the subject line: VISA DEADLINE: application ID, family name, first name