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Do I have to nominate a third party during the online application?
No. If you are not using a third party for your application, simply ignore the “migration agent contact details” section. 

My previous assessment outcome has expired, but I want to provide additional documents. What should I do?
As your application has expired, you will need to create and pay for a new application.

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I am a member – do I have to provide all my qualification documents again?
In most cases your documents will be on file. However, if they do not meet the requirements you may be asked to provide new scans or additional documents. You will need to notify us at [email protected] that your membership application documents are available to assess.

My documents are not in English. Do they need to be translated?
Yes. Documents that are not in English must be translated by an official translator. Both the original and the translated documents must be provided for the assessment.

However, an official translation for syllabus is not required. Instead, we will accept a translation of the syllabus in your own words. You must also provide a statutory declaration to confirm that the translation is in your own words, and that it is a true reflection of the studies you have completed.

I have been asked to obtain or share my documents via My eQuals. What should I do now?
If you are unable to provide a scan of an official, physical document you must provide an electronically signed PDF copy of your academic transcript and award using the My eQuals service.

Do my documents need to be certified?
No. They should be high-quality scans of your original documents.

Why haven’t my documents been accepted by CPA Australia?
If your documents are not accepted, you will be notified with a request for replacements. The most common reasons documents are not accepted are:
  • they were not provided in colour
  • photos or smartphone ‘scans’ were provided
  • the quality was poor
  • they were suspected to be fraudulent.

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I need my assessment urgently, can I have it prioritised?
If you have an urgent deadline approaching, you may be considered for prioritisation. You will need to provide evidence of your approaching deadline to [email protected] with the subject line: DEADLINE: [application ID], [your name]

My assessment outcome tells me I need to complete further studies. What are my options?
Your outcome letter will provide you with further information to assist you with your next steps.

I have completed the additional study you recommended in my outcome letter, what should I do now?
If you have completed a foundation level unit with CPA Australia, email [email protected] to finalise your assessment outcome.

If you have completed your additional studies anywhere else, you will need to complete a supplementary services application (PDF), pay the relevant fee and provide a copy of your additional transcript.

I don’t agree with my assessment outcome, what can I do?
You can appeal your assessment result by filling out a supplementary services application form and paying the relevant fee. If no additional supporting documents are provided and the result of the review is that the initial assessment outcome was incorrect, the review fee will be refunded. 

I forgot to provide some documents that might have helped with my assessment outcome. Can I submit them now?
Yes, if you have additional documents to be assessed, you may update your application.

Fill out a supplementary services application form, pay the relevant fee and provide high quality colour scans of your additional relevant documents.


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