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Complete the CPA Program alongside your master’s degree

Get a competitive advantage over your peers by enrolling in the CPA Program exams while you study your Master of Professional Accounting at RMIT University.

You will enter the accounting profession a step closer to your global career, having completed your master’s degree plus the CPA Program exams.

Why enrol in the CPA Program?

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Enhance your personal brand by becoming a CPA Australia Associate member

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Access world-class interactive resources to support your studies


Gain your professional designation as well as your academic qualification


Demonstrate your commitment to the profession to future employers

How to study a combined master’s degree

1. Enrol in Ethics and Governance in Semester 2 as a non-member with CPA Australia
2. Schedule your Ethics and Governance exam with CPA Australia
3. Study with RMIT University, using your university resources plus CPA Australia resources
4. Sit the exam with both CPA Australia and RMIT at the end of the semester
5. Upon completing your first year you are eligible to apply for CPA Australia membership and complete the CPA Program
6. Enrol in the rest of your subjects in the CPA Program as you study them at RMIT University
7. Receive your master’s degree having completed the education component of the CPA designation

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