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* Our exam provider Pearson VUE isn't able to offer online proctored exams in Mainland China, Japan, Slovenia and South Korea. If you're based in one of these regions, you'll need to take test-centre computer-based exams.

Choosing your exam format

Once you have logged into My CPA Program, you'll see the exam options available in your region.

We've summarised the key elements of each exam format to help you select the best option based on your preferences.

What exam format suits you? Test-centre computer based exams Online proctored exams
I am based in Mainland China, Japan, Slovenia or South Korea  
I prefer using a physical whiteboard and marker to take notes  
I don't mind using digital note-taking tools
I have access to stable, wired internet and have passed the system test  
I have access to a walled, private room with no disruptions  
I prefer in-person exam supervision  
I prefer the comfort/privacy of my own home  
I have a personal computer/laptop that meets the technical requirements  
I only have a work computer  
There are travel/movement restrictions in my region  
I am happy to travel to my exam  
I will require more than one five-minute break during my exam*  

* All candidates have access to one unscheduled break where you can pause your exam timer. Candidates undertaking test-centre exams can request additional breaks, however the exam timer can only be paused once. Additional breaks can't be accommodated during online proctored exams.

Schedule your exam

For both online proctored and test-centre exams, you will need to schedule an appointment when exam scheduling is open. It's best to schedule as soon as possible, to ensure you can secure your preferred date and time. If you don't schedule your exam by the advertised closing date, we'll schedule you into an exam appointment on your behalf and you may not be able to change it.

To schedule your exam:

  1. Log into My CPA Program using your Member ID or email address and password.
  2. Select Schedule Exam for the subject you're enrolled in. You'll be directed to the secure website of our exam partner, Pearson VUE.
  3. Select your preferred exam date, time and location. Make sure you choose the time zone for where you'll sit your exam.
  4. You can then add additional exam appointments for other subjects or Proceed to checkout.

You'll get a confirmation email from Pearson VUE with the details of your exam appointment. If you don't see it right away, check your email spam folder. If you have any difficulty scheduling your exam, or you don't receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of scheduling, please contact us.

If you're scheduling an online proctored exam you must read and agree to Pearson VUE's online exam policies, including their privacy policy, before selecting your appointment time.

Switching exam options

If you change your mind, you'll be able to switch your selection up until the exam scheduling close date, if there's availability. You'll need to forfeit your current appointment before seeing other available appointments. You'll need to log in to My CPA Program to switch exam appointments or formats.

View our important dates for key semester milestones.

Singapore taxation

If you're enrolled in Singapore Taxation, you must attend your exam at the Tax Academy of Singapore. This is the only location available for this subject.

Paper-based exams

If you've previously completed a paper-based exam, you'll still have access to this exam format, though you may need to travel further for an available appointment.

You can't schedule a paper-based exam through the scheduling portal. Please contact us to discuss the options available to you. A test-centre computer-based or online proctored exam may be more convenient.

We're making plans to transition away from paper-based testing. We encourage you to consider an online proctored exam or test-centre computer-based exam if you expect you'll continue the CPA Program beyond 2021.

Exams with a reasonable adjustment

If you've been granted a reasonable adjustment, we'll schedule your exam on your behalf and you'll be advised of your exam date and time.

While we are committed to providing necessary modifications to our exams to support candidates, some adjustments may not be possible in an online-proctored environment. Please contact us to discuss your agreed Reasonable Adjustment.

CPA Program exams FAQs

Visit our CPA Program exam frequently asked questions page for more information.