Government relations

CPA Australia's government relations activities directly contribute to positioning CPA Australia, and the CPA designation, as the premier global brand for strategy, leadership and international business.

Advocacy is an important part of CPA Australia's day-to-day activities. This takes the form of meeting with government ministers, representing the organisation at an international level, making submissions, releasing policy documents, giving evidence to committees or participating in industry, government and academic working parties.

All of these activities combine to position CPA Australia as a leading accounting body from which advocacy is welcomed and advice is sought on issues relevant to the profession.

Members and staff undertaking advocacy activities ensure members' views are heard at the highest levels through maintaining effective relationships with the governments, oppositions and bureaucracies in all markets.

CPA Australia values your ideas and welcomes your participation in policy development and submissions to government. Member discussion groups, the Centres of Excellence, business committees and governance all contribute to formulation of policy.