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Today’s CPA Program comprises of four compulsory subjects, two electives and a practical experience component that will give you the skills to stand out in the real world. To become a CPA, you must have completed a degree or post graduate award recognised by CPA Australia. You will also need to satisfy CPA Australia’s required knowledge areas and, have successfully completed the CPA Program examinations and the practical experience requirement.

Please note, an individual’s entry point along the CPA Program journey will be determined on assessment of prior education and experience. Some candidates may need to successfully complete one or more foundation exams before starting the CPA Program. For many candidates, completion of an accredited degree will meet all the requirements to commence the CPA Program.

Use this search tool to find undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are currently accredited by CPA Australia. While all accredited programs are recognised by CPA Australia, don’t panic if you do not find your program listed, non-accredited programs are assessed and may also be recognised.

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