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Course Details

Bachelor of Accounting

Higher Education Provider:
Universiti Sains Malaysia
School of Management
Main (Penang)
Penang, Malaysia
Delivery Mode:
On Campus
Partner Institutions:


Required Subjects

Accounting Systems and Processes
ACW 162/3 Financial Accounting AND ACW 163/3 Financial Accounting & Reporting I
Audit and Assurance #
ACW 250/3 Auditing
Business Law
ATW 103/3 Business Law
ATW 108/3 Macroeconomics AND ATW 107/3 Microeconomics
ATW 394/3 Business Ethics
Finance and Financial Management
ATW 261/3 Principles of Finance AND AFW 360/3 Corporate Finance
Financial Accounting and Reporting
ACW 265/3 Financial Accounting & Reporting III AND ACW 366/3 Advanced Financial Reporting AND ACW 264/3 Financial Accounting & Reporting II
Information Technology
ACW 180/3 Information Technology & Accounting AND ACW 281/3 Accounting Information Systems
Management Accounting
ACW 472/3 Management Accounting & Control AND ACW 170/3 Management Accounting I AND ACW 271/3 Management Accounting II
Quantitative Methods
ATW 123/3 Business Statistics
Taxation #
ACW 290/3 Taxation


Additional Requirements


# Applicants have the option to complete the required knowledge areas of Auditing and/or Taxation through a subject with a Higher Education Provider or within the CPA Program. All other required knowledge areas must be completed before admission as an Associate member.

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