The CPA Australia designation is recognised as the global professional accountancy designation for strategic business leaders. To enable members to achieve their capacity, CPA Australia has an obligation to provide members with ready access to knowledge and innovative thinking. Islamic finance represents a new paradigm for opportunity.

The Islamic finance industry is estimated at $1 trillion and growing, no wonder the 'conventional western' market place is looking at the opportunities working with this sector may bring. Yet many retail, business consumers and investors lack real knowledge about Islamic financial products, the philosophy of Shariah compliant Islamic transactions or the manner in which they actually work.

Further, there is a shortage of skilled and qualified human resources, that may act to retard the supply side necessary to satisfy the continued growth in demand for Islamic finance and the maintenance of the quality of relationships necessary in the world of finance.

The development and provision of this information booklet in partnership with AmInvestment Bank Berhad – Islamic Markets Malaysia, heralds CPA Australia’s commitment to provide access to knowledge not only to CPA Australia members but the wider business community. CPA Australia intends in the future to establish further global knowledge enhance the international skills and mobility of the accounting profession.


Islamic finance recorded webinar
This recorded webinar features Daud Vicary Abdullah, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Global University of Islamic Finance (INCEIF), and Prof Dr Syed Hamid Aljunid, Professor of Applied Science, INCEIF. Recorded on 21 February 2012, they explain the growth of Islamic Finance, the essential principles and how it is relevant to your business.