Australian legal perspective: Stakeholder relationships

Corporate disclosure in most jurisdictions operates in response to, and in tandem with, principles and rules regulating the behaviour of the company as a legal, though artificial, person and is closely intertwined with the broad legal regime of corporate governance. This Information on legal obligations concerning corporations with regard to their stakeholder relationships and associated reporting duties report is prepared as part of a global initiative headed by Professor Robert Eccles, Harvard Business School, draws out in detail the current and historical context of corporate law affecting these key areas of challenge.

Directors' liability: Information disclosure

Enthusiasm in Australia for integrated reporting (IR) has been shrouded in concern about corporate and director liability. We have sought in a measured way to demystify these current circumstances, and in so doing provide the basis of a possibly more certain way forward.

Natural Capital Protocol project

As part of the Natural Capital Coalition's Natural Capital Protocol project, a stock take of existing natural capital relevant initiatives such as valuation methods and tools, applications, reporting and disclosure has been conducted.

The stock take aims to provide a baseline state of the nation to demystify the initiatives currently available. Further, it proposes clear definitions for natural capital and a draft outline for a future standard on how to account for it in a range of business decision making applications. The stock take is designed to inform the development of the Protocol which is expected to commence in late-2014.

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Transformation, growth, and the green economy

48:06 mins MB

The panel discusses what the accounting profession is doing to transform business towards a sustainable world. 

Chair: Jessica Fries, Executive Director, Prince of Wales’s Accounting for Sustainability Project

Panellists: Steven Lang, Partner, Ernst & Young; John Purcell, Policy Adviser ESG, CPA Australia; Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales; Sandra Rapacioli, Head of Sustainability, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.