Professional standards schemes

The Professional Standards Council (PSC)  has approved new professional standards schemes for Members with a public practice certificate (PPC) based in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory. The new schemes provide continuation of limited liability cover for Members and are on the same terms and conditions as the New South Wales scheme which came into force on 8 October 2013. The new schemes will come into force in each of the other states and territories after gazettal on the dates set out below.

Commencement dates

  • New South Wales – 8 October 2013 (gazetted)
  • Australian Capital Territory – 1 February 2014 (gazetted)
  • Queensland – 1 February 2014 (gazetted)
  • Western Australia – 1 February 2014 (gazetted)
  • South Australia – 13 February 2014 (gazetted)
  • Victoria – 21 April 2014 (gazetted)
  • Northern Territory – 1 February 2014 (gazetted)

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Entering public practice

Public practice refers to members who offer accounting services to businesses and the public.

For regulatory purposes CPA Australia has created By-Laws for members in public practice, By-Laws 9.1 to 9.8.

CPA Australia requires any member offering public accounting services to be of CPA status and hold a public practice or limited practice certificate, which involves the completion of the Public Practice Program. 

Starting your own practice

Working in Asia 

The International Practice Management Guide (PDF) provides an overview of the requirements to practice as an accountant in Asia. 


Measuring and managing the value of companies

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Performance dashboards

Measuring, monitoring and managing your business

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