Date Title Topic Type
    03/06/15 Top 10 non-audit breaches Public practice Resource
    03/06/15 Do you need a Public Practice Certificate? Public practice Resource
    03/06/15 Live chat: Advising family businesses Public practice Resource
    01/06/15 Public Sector Week Public sector Resource
    01/06/15 Is it wise that the UK has dropped the need to buy an annuity?  Superannuation Commentary
    01/06/15 Financial reporting – when more is less? Reporting Commentary
    28/05/15 China Human Capital Survey – English (pdf) Business management Media release
    28/05/15 China Human Capital Survey – simplified Chinese (pdf) Business management Media release
    27/05/15 Pre-requisites for public practice application forms Public practice Resource
    21/05/15 The keys to New Zealand's future (pdf) Accounting Media release
    13/05/15 Recorded webinar: Tax treatment of intellectual property Public practice Resource
    12/05/15 Small business a winner but Budget fails on a vision (pdf) Accounting Media release
    12/05/15 Australia's Federal Budget (pdf) Accounting Commentary
    11/05/15 Multinational tax and digital downloads (pdf) Taxation Media release
    08/05/15 Global tax reform: The solution Taxation Commentary
    06/05/15 Recorded webinar: Intellectual property Public practice Resource
    30/04/15 Globally converged IFRS: Myth or reality? Accounting Commentary
    30/04/15 New Zealand: Taking it to the next level Economics Media release
    29/04/15 Recorded webinar: The role of the accountant in multi-disciplinary teams Public practice Resource
    29/04/15 Alex Malley on Melbourne's 3AW Superannuation Commentary
    28/04/15 Standard setter’s future governance (pdf) Public sector Submission
    22/04/15 Live chat: Intellectual property issues for accountants Public practice Resource
    21/04/15 Super fund workflow sheet (doc) Superannuation Resource
    21/04/15 IAASB – ISA 800 and ISA 805 (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    17/04/15  APRA – simplification of reporting (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    16/04/15 New APESB mobile app Ethics Resource
    15/04/15 Applying for a limited AFS licence Financial planning Resource
    15/04/15 Ethics and professional indemnity in the workplace Ethics Resource
    14/04/15 Changes to the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants Audit and assurance Resource
    10/14/14 South Australian State tax review (pdf) Taxation Submission
    01/04/15 Amendments to AASB 124 Related Party Disclosures Reporting Resource
    31/03/15 Proposed amendments to IAS 7 (pdf) Reporting Submission
    30/03/15 Tax reform Taxation Media release
    25/03/15 ASIC financial adviser register update Financial planning Resource
    18/03/15 Measuring the social impact of not-for-profits Not-for-profit Resource
    17/03/15 Charities caught in web of red tape Not-for-profit Commentary
    16/03/15 GS 005 Using the Work of a Management’s Expert Audit and assurance Resource
    06/03/15 Small business: Single touch payroll (pdf) Business management Submission
    04/03/15 Culture and simplicity key for audit committees Audit and assurance Commentary
    01/03/14 Future of the tax profession Taxation Resource
    25/02/15 Hong Kong Budget address – English (pdf) Taxation Media release
    25/02/15 Hong Kong Budget address – traditional Chinese (pdf) Taxation Media release
    18/02/15 Developments at the ethics boards: APESB and IESBA Ethics Resource
    18/02/15 GST reform: It’s time for a rational debate Taxation Media release
    13/02/15 AASB Action Alert Reporting Resource
    12/02/14 Better regulation and governance, enhanced transparency and improved competition (pdf) Superannuation Submission
    11/02/15 Compromise on R&D incentives (pdf) Accounting Media release
    10/02/15 Where next for large private company statutory reporting? Reporting Media release
    09/02/15 Leadership ructions in Canberra Leadership Commentary
    06/02/15 AASB issues two new Standards Reporting Resource
    06/02/15 Improving the Structure of the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants (pdf) Ethics Submission
    05/02/15 Hong Kong tax survey results Taxation Media release
    04/02/15 Singapore: Revised Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics Ethics Resource
    03/02/15 CPA Australia applauds RBA's leadership Leadership Media release
    22/01/15 World economies, Australian government Economics Commentary
    21/01/15 Politicians need to show leadership Leadership Commentary
    15/01/15  New and revised auditor reporting standards Audit and assurance Resource
    13/01/15 No quick fix for global tax Taxation Commentary
    23/12/14 Where is the plan for our economic future? Economics Commentary
    20/12/14 Lessons in how to achieve tax reform quickly Taxation Commentary
    19/12/14 Integrating assurance is about both "who" and "how" Audit and assurance Commentary
    10/12/14 Reforming the financial advice sector Financial planning Media release
    07/12/14 FSI points to the need for global competitiveness Accounting Media release
    03/12/14 Showing emotion, disaggregation, interest rates, white lies Accounting Commentary
    28/11/14 ED 256 Removal of cross references (pdf) Reporting Submission
    24/11/14 ED 250 Australian groups with a foreign parent (pdf) Reporting Submission
    21/11/14 Recognition of deferred tax assets for unrealised losses (pdf) Reporting Submission
    17/11/14 China trade deal finally done (pdf) Accounting Media release
    12/11/14 WCOA, skilled occupation list, and employment Accounting Commentary
    11/11/14 Proposed changes to long association of personnel (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    07/11/14 Familiar look to ASIC’s focus areas for 31 December financial reports Reporting Media release
    30/10/14 New Zealand: New accounting and audit law Audit and assurance Media release
    15/10/14 Boris Johnson: Mayor or London, drinking whilst working Leadership Commentary
    14/10/14 Competitiveness agenda: It's a start but is it enough? Leadership Commentary
    02/10/14 CPA Australia helps investors get to the truth Audit and assurance Media release
    01/10/14 Transforming the public sector Public sector Resource
    01/10/14 Australia: Understanding auditing and assurance (pdf) Audit and assurance Resource
    29/09/14 Joint IASB submission: Macro hedging (pdf) Reporting Submission
    24/09/14 Australian audit reports 2005 – 2013 Audit and assurance Media release
    24/09/14 CPA Australia Audit Report Audit and assurance Commentary
    24/09/14 Financial Service Council proposal Financial planning Commentary
    23/09/14 China's 2015 economic outlook Economics Media release
    22/09/14 Australia – India agreement heralds new era of cooperation Leadership Media release
    19/09/14 CPA Australia members giving back to their communities Public sector Media release
    17/09/14 Joe Hockey and the budget, and Ministerial report cards Leadership Commentary
    16/09/14 Employee share schemes, Australia in the Asian Century Leadership Commentary
    11/09/14 Scotland secession, spousal opinions, and Emilio Botin Leadership Commentary
    10/09/14 New President for CPA Australia Leadership Media release
    05/09/14 Lift the professional, ethical and education standards (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    02/09/14 Long-term vision needed for Australian super policy Superannuation Media release
    01/09/14 Malaysia: Understanding auditing and assurance (pdf) Audit and assurance Resource
    29/08/14  Virgin Australia, Qantas, President Obama, and social media Leadership Commentary
    27/08/15 Asia-Pacific governance survey Ethics Resource
    27/08/14 Question Time and Treasurer Joe Hockey Leadership Commentary
    21/08/14 Clive Palmer, ASADA, NRL and Cronulla Sharks Leadership Commentary
    20/08/14 Australia's charities and not-for-profits submission (pdf) Not-for-profit Submission
    19/08/14 New Australia-Indonesia Joint Understanding Leadership Commentary
    18/09/14 Hong Kong regulatory proposals for audit (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    13/08/14 Accounting changes ahead for not-for-profits Reporting Commentary
    07/08/14 Non assurance services for audit clients (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    07/08/14 New anti-terrorism legislation and confusion about metadata Leadership Commentary
    05/08/14 Strategic direction of the public sector accounting standard-setter (pdf) Public sector Submission
    01/08/14 Financial System Inquiry: Interim report (pdf) Reporting Submission
    01/08/14 New guide helps investors see behind the numbers Reporting Media release
    31/07/14 Prudence gets a revival Reporting Commentary
    25/07/14 Markets demand collaboration on audit quality Audit and assurance Commentary
    24/07/14 Improving financial reporting Reporting Commentary
    18/07/14 What else should auditors be looking at? (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    01/07/14 How to improve disclosures in financial statements (pdf) Reporting Submission
    23/06/14 SMSF auditor independence: Everyone’s business Audit and assurance Commentary
    11/06/14 A clear path to smarter audits Audit and assurance Commentary
    11/06/14 Scepticism key to winning the fight against fraud Audit and assurance Commentary
    04/06/14 Natural Capital Protocol project Sustainability Resource
    27/05/14 Is prudence still a virtue? Reporting Commentary
    20/05/14  Proposed changes for non-assurance services Audit and assurance Submission
    01/05/14 Tax impediments facing Australian small businesses (pdf) Business management Submission
    30/04/14 Corporations Amendment (Streamlining of Future of Financial Advice) Bill 2014 (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    21/04/14 Assurance framework for the Emissions Reduction Fund (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    09/04/14 Professional indemnity insurance policy requirements for tax (financial) advisers (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    08/04/14 Continuing professional education policy requirements for tax (financial) advisers (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    08/04/14 Exposure draft TPB (I) D20/2014 – What is a tax (financial) advice service? (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    04/04/14 Strategic direction of audit standard-setter (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    31/03/14 Proposed amendments to IFRS for SMEs (pdf) Reporting Submission
    03/03/14 Proposed strategy and work plan 2014 – 2018 (pdf) Ethics Submission
    01/03/14 Submission to the Financial System Inquiry (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    27/02/14 Consolidated financial statements (pdf) Public sector Submission
    27/02/14 Disclosure of interests in other entities (pdf) Public sector Submission
    27/02/14 Investments in associates and joint ventures (pdf) Public sector Submission
    27/02/14 ED 51 Joint Arrangements (pdf) Public sector Submission
    27/02/14 Separate financial statements (pdf) Public sector Submission
    19/02/14 Corporations Amendment (Streamlining of Future of Financial Advice) Bill 2014 (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    21/10/13 Amendments to quality control standard (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    09/10/13 Proposed amendments to APES 110 (pdf) Ethics Submission
    30/09/13 Direct assistance from internal auditors (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    02/09/13 Resignation, removal and replacement of auditors (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    11/07/13 Proposed registration requirements for registered tax (financial) advisers (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    15/05/13 Superannuation Legislation Amendment (MySuper Measures) Regulation 2013 (PDF) Superannuation Submission
    13/05/13 A framework for audit quality (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission


    Auditor independence requirements (pdf)




    Disaster recovery toolkit  Business management Resource
    13/03/13 Standard on assurance engagements: General purpose water accounting reports (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    22/02/13 APES 310 Dealing with Client Monies (pdf) Ethics Submission
    15/02/13 Charity governance standards (pdf) Ethics Submission
    08/02/13 Proposed standard on review engagements (pdf) Audit and assurance Submission
    20/12/12 Responding to a suspected illegal act (pdf) Ethics Submission
    16/11/12 Reporting standards for superannuation (pdf) Superannuation Submission
    09/11/12 Standard APES 230: Financial Planning Services (pdf) Financial planning Submission
    01/10/12 Transparency, accountability and economic policy for governments (pdf) Reporting Resource
    16/05/12 Superannuation Legislation Amendment (further MySuper and transparency measures) Bill 2012 (PDF) Superannuation Submission
    16/03/12 Limited Recourse Borrowings by Superannuation Funds (Instalment Warrants) (pdf) Superannuation Submission
    19/01/12 Senate Inquiry into the Future of Financial Advice Bills 2011 (pdf) Superannuation Submission
    01/01/12 Australian Curriculum Review (pdf) Education Submission
    18/10/11 Future COAG regulatory reform agenda (pdf) Business management Submission
    24/10/10 ABC Learning collapse case study Education Resource
    13/01/03 An insight into the One.Tel collapse Education Resource
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