The first step in your journey to becoming a CPA is to complete an assessment form. This allows you to demonstrate your completed studies and professional qualifications, while also identifying if you are eligible for exemptions. By completing the assessment form, you will be able to see where you fit in to the CPA Program.

When you have demonstrated that you have the required knowledge areas to start the professional level, you can enrol online via My CPA Program. You can only do this during the enrolment period – see important dates. You can only pay online with a credit card. You will need to schedule your exam when you enrol for your segment. You will need to schedule your exam when you enrol for your segment.

If you are unable to complete your enrolment online, you can download the professional level enrolment form (available during the enrolment period).

When enrolling you will be asked to:

  • choose which segments you wish to enrol in (refer to structure and requirements)
  • schedule your exam via My CPA Program, you will have the option to choose between computer based and paper based exams and different exam sessions. See exams for more information
  • confirm or update your mailing address to ensure the study guide is sent to the correct location. Candidates outside Australia must provide a street address as the items must be signed for

You should contact CPA Australia immediately after enrolment to advise of any special arrangements that might be required regarding your study guide or exam.

You can make changes to your enrolment.

Schedule your exam

You should schedule your exam via My CPA Program at the time of your enrolment. Make sure you schedule your exam before the advertised closing date

If you have any difficulty scheduling your exams, contact your nearest CPA Australia office.

Delivery of study guides

We have improved the design to make the study guides less bulky and more portable. They resemble standard textbooks and are 100 per cent recyclable. Study guides will be sent to the address nominated at the time of enrolment. You can change your preferred mailing address up until the closing date for address changes. In Australia, you may nominate a street address or post office box for receipt of your materials, but for candidates residing overseas a street address is essential as the items must be signed for. Please also note the following country-specific information that is required for customs clearance. We will not be able to deliver your materials if you do not supply the information listed below.

  • Russia: Please provide a business address, including the business name.
  • India: You will be contacted after you enrol and asked to provide a Government ID number and to complete a form that gives the courier company permission to act on your behalf to ensure clearance from customs.

You can view the expected delivery date for your study guide on My CPA Program. Please wait until the expected delivery date has passed before contacting CPA Australia about your study guide.

The first few modules of your enrolled segment will be loaded to My Online Learning so you can start studying when the semester commences even if you haven't received your study guide.

Contact CPA Australia if you experience any issues with the delivery of your study guide. If you require replacement materials, email A fee may be payable for replacement materials.

Practical experience requirement

Relevant practical experience is a mandatory for future CPAs. Working closely with employers and experts, we've identified four skill areas that help CPAs successfully stand out in the real world.

You should enrol in the practical experience requirement as soon as you are employed in an accounting, finance or a professional role with financial responsibilities. You may be eligible for recognition of professional experience if you have been in one of these roles for more than six months.

Continuing professional development

CPA, FCPA and Associate members may enrol in CPA Program professional level segments for continuing professional development (CPD). However, Associates should complete all their CPA Program requirements first. To enrol for CPD purposes, download the professional level enrolment form (available during the enrolment period).

Members who sit and pass the exam may claim up to 120 CPD hours. Members who do not sit the exam or do not successfully complete the exam may claim up to 20 CPD hours.