The CPA Program is a major springboard into some of the most exciting and amazing jobs in the world. Indeed a growing number of Fortune 500 CEOs have an accounting or finance background, not to mention that all CFOs are accountants.

While many CPAs follow a traditional pathway of accounting degree to the CPA Program, there are a growing number of CPAs whose background is not traditionally accounting.

CPA Australia developed the foundation exams to ensure that those without the traditional accounting education background are given the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and the acumen required to be successful and fully prepared for the CPA Program.

By undertaking an assessment you will be able to see where you fit into the CPA Program. Most candidates only need to do a couple of exams to complete the foundation exams and quickly move onto the CPA Program.

Realise your full potential with the foundation exam pathway into the CPA Program.

Already working in a financial role and want to go further?

Take your career to the next level with the ultimate career advantage – by becoming a CPA.