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Accounting is one of the most transferrable skills you can have in your professional toolkit. It can provide you with career opportunities in a range of roles, industries and countries. If you have big career ambitions demonstrate your leadership qualities by becoming a professional accountant.

Whether you’re starting university or establishing yourself as a professional, join our global network of over 200,000 students and young professionals and get ahead in the career you want. Discover how the CPA Program is enhancing the career opportunities of young professionals across the world and see what accredited courses at your university can assist in preparing you for the CPA Program.

Leadership Track

The CPA designation can take your career to the next level. Each month, we’ll be featuring a young CPA or ASA who is on the leadership track to success, and we find out how they are achieving their goals.

Hwei Yuin Yong

This month we look at the career of Hwei Yuin Yong. The decision to become an accountant was an easy one for Hwei Yuin Yong, often fondly called as “Yong”. Not only does working with numbers run in her family, but the profession is quite prestigious in her culture.

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